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  1. Full disclosure i'm a pretty poor dogfighter in general (I struggle to beat the AI on rookie) So i wanted to make a few observations and open a discussion to try to learn some skills to hopefully improve myself I've been flying the mig 21 exclusively for a few years. and one of my usual matchups is against the f5. Well with the recent 2 week free trial of all the modules I decided I would sit in the F5 and see how things feel from the other side. and from a few brief encounters with the mig I have a few key takeaways I have discovered. The F5 is a baby to operate, I could take off and land it first time out (not the case for the mig at all lol) The F5 control panel is laid out in an extremely logical way that reduces my need to scan over instruments The F5 has greater inside visibility The F5 is far more agile than the mig and will out turn it every day. one thing that shocked me, the Mig21 is much more powerful than the f5, in prolonged dog fights I bleed energy in the f5 and the mig winds up with the edge on my tail following the previous, any time the mig decides to take the fight into the vertical, i've stopped even attempting to follow, instead I go level and fly circles untill he decides to come back down. The F5 has a much greater mission endurance than the mig, I have "won" several merges against the mig by surviving in the fight until he runs out of fuel So my concluding thoughts on this match up are that the job of the F5 pilot should be to keep the mig in the horizontal fight, where as the mig should always go vertical to use its power to its advantage, Further, because of this advantage, in a prolonged fight(everything else being equal) the mig "should" come out on top, because it can simply generate more energy to fight with than the F5 can, it can simply elect not to engage and climb away from it, with the caveat that the f5 will outlast an individual mig with time on target. I welcome any thoughts, advice observations, or even disagreements you might have.
  2. So my understanding of the mig15, is that it was designed to be a high altitude bomber escort, that over time got utilisesd in an air superiority role. where as the mig-21 was designed from the ground up to be an interceptor, but became popular with poorer countries as a mainline fighter becuase of its ease of manufacture. but what I don't understand is what is the design ethos of the mig-19? When I look at it I think "super charged mig-15" is it just a faster more maneuverable air superiority fighter?
  3. You guys with a 1080/1070 dont find you have to completely lower your settings and disable anti aliasing?
  4. So I have a gtx 1080. And it runs VR. But it absolutely chugs. With me having to crank down the graphics quality to minimum to get smooth fps. Which is not a pleasant experience. The rest of my machine is pretty solid. But I feel like my gpu is letting me down. The problem is all the 3080/3090 gpus are basically out of stock/marked up to hell.
  5. Yeah that works. the VR is still laggy though. Guess i gotta wait until bitcoin miners swap to something other than gaming cards.
  6. So long story short I've had a desire to upgrade my flight setup. And I want a really nice flight stick with one of those extension rods, for precision flying. I looked at the warthog hotas. And I cant find one for less than $800. Which is just for the base unit. That's not the extension rod accessory. So I thought scratch that, that's nearly a months rent. So i looked at virpirl controllers, and they are alot cheaper. Like 400 out the door. But they are completely out of stock, and backordered. So scratch that too. So I went looking for graphics cards I have a gtx1080. And its decent. But it stutters in VR. So I was looking at a 3080 Well thats also retailing for $1000 So scratch that also. Kinda bummed out. I want to get a better flight setup and get back into dcs. But I just personally can't justify that. If I could get the flightstick for 400. I'd do it today.
  7. Finally talked myself into upgrading flight sticks. I've gold an older version of this guy. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/thrustmaster-t-flight-hotas-4-for-playstation-4/6291616.p?skuId=6291616&ref=212&loc=1&extStoreId=561&ref=212&loc=1&gclsrc=aw.ds&ds_rl=1268661&ds_rl=1269132&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsbrxBRDpARIsAAnnz_Ou-hZ6QCgmsz4dX9rcOqG9MyC2f9p5F5HEPy9U3JA6ZfIrlbI3FrgaAkSlEALw_wcB It's pretty decent its bare bones not alot of functionality, couple dead buttons. I recently made the transition to VR and I need a good quality stick to go with it. Something that gives a large range of control, for fine maneuvering.
  8. So I'm getting back into the game and without a doubt my favourite module is the mig 21. It's got a great blend of technology and primitivism. I'm looking for a squadron which specializes on the mig, or optionally the f5. I am also looking for a squadron that has instructors, as I am pretty garbage in a dogfight. I can take off land and navigate fairly well on my own. But when it comes to an actual fight. I honestly need some training. My time zone is eastern standard time. I'm available most weekends or weekdays after 6pm est
  9. Seen alot of options on the market recently. I was considering the rift-S for which starts at a relatively low $500 but there is also the HTC vive, and the Index for $1000 each: This is quite a price difference, what reasoning is behind the vive/index being double the price of the rift-s?
  10. Yeah I agree completely with your conclusion. But slightly bummed out because this is the same conclusion I came to a few years ago
  11. Chairs are optional, vr headsets are not
  12. Yeah, that's why I was going to use part of it to buy a new gaming/flight chair. But now I here these guys talking about how the dcs engine doesn't support VR well and it's kinda turning me off
  13. What your describing sounds like an issue with RAM, with sudden pop-in lag like that. Also I have been aware most people have to turn graphics settings to medium when playing in VR to maintain teady frames. The rest of my rig is pretty solid, I've got 32 gigs of ram and an I-9990k cpu. My main bottleneck is the 1070. So I feel confident if I upgraded that I would be solid, just not sure if I can justify spending another 2 grand to make my setup run VR. When it's already pretty hot for standard HD gaming
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