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  1. I tried setting up T.16000M buttons as Left Shift, Ctrl and Alt. Unfortunately IL-2 seems to recognize it only 30% of the time randomly. Using Win 10 running the program as admin. (EDIT: It works but you have to map the keys using modifier Shift,Alt,Ctrl from the keyboard.)
  2. To my knowledgethere isn't continous countermeasure option. In my opinion it is no brainer to use countermeasures during ground attack run in hostile environment. I would have assumed DCS had this option.
  3. How can I make the Mig-21 fire flares during the attack run? It should be no brainer to have an option for continuous flare during attack as you can expect that you will be shot at. There is Flying in Sam WEZ: "AI will release chaff and/or flares as a preventative measure when inside a known enemy SAM threat zone or within weapons range of a known enemy aircraft armed with IR-homing missile. Default Setting." https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_option_flareUsing I made simple AI CAS mission with Mig-21 attacking convoy with rockets. Close to the convoy there is a Stinger manpad. I tried setting a waypoint action: "Flying in Sam WEZ". Mig-21 doesn't however put out flares while in the Stingers range during the attack until it has fired. Then it is unfortunately too late.
  4. I wanted this to simulate damaged, burning moving tank. Since moving the effect with the tank was not possible I wanted to create new smoke at the new position and remove the old. But realized it is not possible. Would be nice for creating a firefighting mission for the helos as well. +1
  5. You can't parent effects on vehicles. I tried using Mist and adding/ deleting smoke effect as it goes. I can spawn tanks on top of the moving tank but effects don't want to change location no matter what I do, even less spawn. I tried mist.dynAddStatic and mist.Teleport. Any further ideas?
  6. Sorry this doesn't exactly answer your question but solution to this nevertheless is to use the fixed beam option.
  7. I would prefer to use same buttons I use in IL-2 and I don't have a extra slider.
  8. How to limit FOV in Mig-21bis? It used to be possible to edit the view files but now editing them disables the aircraft entirely. I'm using two buttons to zoom in and out.
  9. Does this look as it is supposed to look or is this mod broken? (These should be black instead of blue?)
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