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  1. What about Steam users? Do we have to do it?
  2. Any one have big and high resolution version of this image? It would be prefect to be a wallpaper.:thumbup:
  3. I've got the problem guys. The engines still have thrust when I pull the throttle to IDLE. Thus, I have to hold the wheelbrake to keep the aircraft stop on the ground. While I still don't know how to solve the issue.
  4. US Army Berlin(USAB)/US Command Berlin(USCOB)/Berlin Brigade(US Army)
  5. Thanks for so many replies!:) For I have to leave home for about 12 days, I can't test the game in any short time. But I will keep an eye on the forum.
  6. Keys are OK. Is the situation correct? Is there anything necessary I should done before stop the engines or the engines can't be stopped?
  7. Thanks you for the welcome. My stick is T.16000M and I had already pulled it to the rearmost(sorry for my English), it still doesn't work.
  8. I almost went through the A-10C landing and shutdown training mission while I can not stop the engine by R.Alt+End and R.Ctrl+End buttons. Nothing happens after I pressed the buttons. I restarted the mission, still the same .I checked the settings, it's ok. I even add other buttons, but nothing works. Plz help me, these buttons works fine with FC3 aircrafts.
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