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  1. So been trying get the X56 to work properly. Throttles/Stick work on A-10 and F-15 but still no stick for SU-27/33 and when i load Profiles for say F-15 or A-10 none of the assigned toggles are working. Went back in and clicked "test profile" and said functions for all toggles triggers etc trigger properly but not in game. Any help please would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for your help
  2. Well throttle works for a-10, f-15 as well as joystick but none of the profiles with key binds work, air brakes, being cntl b works but toggle does not same with any toggles or triggers. i have profiles and i can even do the test of each toggle in the program window so every thing is triggering like it should at least in test mode but in game it does not on any planes
  3. So trying to come back to ED but can not get my joystick to respond in game, throttle works all functions on stick works but i can not pitch or roll planes. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you alos this is only for the SU-27 and 33 a-10 and f-15 seem fine
  4. Hello, i am new to DCS and am looking for an Active Squadron to call home, i currently have DCS 1.5, and 2.0 with NTTR FC3 aircraft and just purchased the A-10C warthog couple days ago. Unfortunately, flying around solo is getting boring, yes there are servers with pilots flying around, but i am looking for a place to learn, fly, and have most of all have fun. I am located in the U.S. Central time zone and am normally on most of the week and especially weekends. Thank you for your time and patience and I hope to get some great responses soon. Until then fly safe. MadMexican
  5. Disengage nose wheel steering By default you have to hold Ralt + Q to disengage nose wheel steering at 50 knots or you start veering around the run way. But you can't just press them once you have to hold em till your off the run way. you can find it under options F-15c nose wheel steering. as well as the "S" key which allows you to make way tighter turns using the nose wheel steering while taxing to or from run way.
  6. So for some reason i am not able to assign a button for disengaging nose wheel steering for the F-15c, to my x52 hotas. All other commands no problem, but when trying to assign Alt + Q for nose wheel steering disengaging nothing happens, I still have to use my keyboard. anyone have this same issue? Or am i doing something wrong? Here is how i have tried assigning the buttons. Open madcatz/programming/Mode 3 for my navigation setup/clutch(button 30) by default/click in space/advanced commands/click in space, then Alt + Q for disengage nose wheel steering, cut and paste second commands which represent the released buttons actions in the last box. Launch 1.5 or 2.0, options scroll down to disengage nose wheel steering select Saitek joystick command space input joy_bnt 30 i believe it is typed like that launch mission take off etc and it doesn't work. But if i hold down Alt + Q the default command nose wheel steering stays locked as long as i keep the set of buttons pressed. Help please.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to look, but i am very new to DCS World, and was wondering if there are people recruiting new members, sorta like armored warfare and other mmo's that have Battalion's/clans of members to fly around with and run missions and train/learn with pilots that know that game and can pass on knowledge as well as be able to have some fun. Teamspeak use would be great as well, since being able to chat and be social makes the time more enjoyable. :joystick:
  8. So, I am still very new to DCS world and about to receive my first HOTAS x52 today, but was wondering how do i use the Campaign builder that i see and click on in the right panel. I have tried googling first and also Youtube but i can't seem to figure it out. Some help/clarification would be greatly appreciated. :joystick:
  9. Are there any add on's for F-15c for the instrumentation panels like the Radar and weapons selection. I thought i saw a Youtube video about addons for the f-15c that allowed you to move the windows around and resize em and click them
  10. Ok so i checked the link you posted BIGNEWY although it states that buyers prior to open beta in late November would receive 20% discount on future purchases and one free red flag campaign. And i saw in the link that i had 22.00 in funds available, until i clicked on the red flag campaign and it only allowed me to use 3 dollars of it. and there is a balance of 6.99 to complete purchase, but where is the free red flag campaign?
  11. So i just purchased NTTR and FC3 today about 2 hrs ago and from reading the notes in bold red below NTTR description it says that if i purchase NTTR on or before late November that i can choose one red flag campaign for free. But i do not see that anywhere in the modules tab in my 2.0 version, with everything else. Was just wondering if i may have misread that or not, :)
  12. i7 4790k 4.0ghz single GTX970 18gigs Ram, Saitek x52 (on order) for the amount of buttons, hopefully its not a lemon and works fine till at least january, till i can get a TH Warthog setup.
  13. purchase yes i just bought it actually, but i thought if i bought the NTTR before November which i did, i would get one free red campaign such as the F-15c 16-2 red campaign. but i don't see it or i misread.
  14. So i just installed the 2.0 version on my computer and was wondering if I should still have 1.5 installed or if after installing 2.0, 1.5 would merge. I believe i followed the instructions properly, although in the download instructions it did say to make a separate folder, but i did not. So for example, in C:/program files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World is the original download (1.5.4 or something) and now i have C:/program files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World 2 Open beta. So did i do that correctly, or should i have put 2.0 in a separate folder all together like C:/program files/eagle dynamics2/dcs world 2 open beta? The reason i ask is that when i log into the game using the 2.0 shortcut i unable to fly the su-25t free fighter. All the options on the right side like instant action or missions, campaign mission etc is grey'd out. And i am prompted with a message saying i do not have any modules installed, and if i would like to purchase a module. So for that reason i am thinking i did not install correctly seeing as i would think i could log in and fly the su-25t in 2.0 as i had been in 1.5.
  15. I was wondering if i go to my ED folders and in sound\speech\sound/RUS if i rename that folder to say ENG, so i can understand what is being said since i do not speak Russian haha i get a message that the folder labeled ENG already has a destination, and if i would like to merge folder labeled ENG with folder RUS. will that affect anything game wise or will all the Russian dialog now be in English and what about the instrument panel, will it mess anything up or will the writing/labeling of the switches now be read in English? Thank you to all who have responded to my questions, nice to start up a new game and get friendly positive feedback. :)
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