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  1. So I have Win10 and a Saitek x56 Rhino (it's the set from before the buyout). Anyway I was getting frustrated trying to figure out why I had to keep re-binding my controls. Figured out that after a power cycle of my computer the HOTAS (both stick and throttle) are getting assigned a new Device ID (or new GUID if you like) and so when I looked into the input folders I can see for example 2 or more files named like : "Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Stick ( {GUID } ) .diff.lua Is there anyway that I can prevent this or at least minimize the impact to me? It's getting really darn frustrating.
  2. Thank you for these, I'm going to need much more study it seems... I watched the first few videos and decided that my goal was to make a single training mission that I could use all the modules I purchased and practice with them (A-10C II, F16, F14, f/A18, AV8B, CA, SC, etc). I decided to start simple, An F14 on Caucasus at Batumi, a Carrier off the coast and a KC135 out basically flying over the carrier. But my first attempt the game crashed when I tried to load the mission, so I've gone horribly wrong somewhere... Going to have to look at this like a masters course Anyway just wanted to say thank you for doing this series for folks like me. If you know of a mission I can download that would kinda be what I'm aiming to do, I'd like to look at it in M.E. to see how it was done and figure out what horrible mistake I'm making.
  3. Update Below! I was really happy to find this, and I watched all the videos, but I cannot get the streamdeck plugin to talk to DCS. I thought it might be a firewall thing (kaspersky), but I turned that off and I still can't get it to connect. I verified in in my profile folder Saved Games / DCS.openbeta / scripts I checked the Export.lua, I verified the DCS-ExportScript \ Config.lua and ExportScript.lua but no matter which module (A-10C / F18 / F14 / AV8B) I cannot get anything when I click the Refresh button on the DCS Comms check window (Just the "module not detected" i should say. I'm doing cold start missions and making sure that I'm all the way into the mission (ie ready to start clicking things to start). I used to have TAC view a while back but I think I uninstalled it. I noticed that there is a line in the LUA file about it, should that be removed? I'm using SRS radio as well, could that cause any issues? I am not using ikarus, or anything else. I wish I knew what else to check, it's been a little frustrating thinking that I've checked everything but I have to be missing something. UPDATE: I got it working. I removed the TACview line in the Export.lua file by commenting it out with "--" in front, I moved the dofile line for ExportScript.lua above the pcall line for SimpleRadio That got me working
  4. I have the open beta, and I purchased (pre-buy) the Supercarrier pack (along with F-14). I don't see an option anywhere to download Supercarrier. Ver is Am I reading this correctly that I should get a preview version?
  5. Has anyone else experienced this? I have the Saitek X56 Rhino HOTAS, and ever since I upgraded and downloaded the F18 module, I will now randomly have controls fire. For example, I was just doing air to air refueling, and my landing gear starting going down without me hitting the switch that I have bound for gear. Talk about FRUSTRATING! I'm kinda at my wits' end on this one, I've switched USB ports, re-installed drivers, etc.
  6. Same here, last update for DCS broke this again for me. I'm not getting any errors in the DCS.log that point at export.lua, but the app simply does not connect any longer. :( EDIT: Never mind, after the update I needed to re-setup my firewall rule for DCS.exe. I'm using VIPRE (not windows) so your mileage might vary here, but I had to delete the DCS.exe allow all rule and then re-add it. In a single player game, worked fine, no delays. Multiplayer it sometimes gets slow on me, but tonight at least it was OK. We'll see if it keeps working.
  7. Thanks, looks like for this problem it ended up being that I had a cord next to the base that has one of those ferris things on it, moved it away and the "twitch" is gone. But now I've re-setup the sticks, and completely remaped all my controls in DCS. Things seem ok but for some reason today after reboot I can't start my engines in the A-10C. When I go into the controls settings the toggles I'm using for the engine starts highlight when I test them, and I went to the throttle axis tune and I can see the dot move when I move the throttles. but for some unknown reason when I follow the normal start procedure, my engines won't start even if I try using the keyboard shortcuts (Ralt Home etc). The in-game throttle never moves. If I go into instant action where I'm already flying, then the throttle's move as commanded and the in-game gui responds accordingly, but I cannot shutdown the engines. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Could it be the madcatz software??
  8. Not yet, I kinda fear opening it up to be honest....
  9. I've been really enjoying DCS and have purchased many of the modules. I was doing fairly well with the sim and my x-56 rhino HOTAS until I started to fly the Huey. That's when I started to notice that the joystick axis would "twitch" from the point of control input. It's totally random and I did set curves and deadzones, but those aren't really the problem. I think the problem might be with the sensors that determine the sticks position, but I haven't found any settings that "dampen" the input. (Example if it was averaging the input by some number of times that "twitch" probably wouldn't be noticed). Has anyone experienced this, and how did you solve the issue? Flying the planes around it's not quite as noticeable, but its making it darn hard to hover. I'm kinda jealous of all the YouTube videos I've been watching where people are flying all smooth :)
  10. Found fix! Change this line: os.setlocale("ISO-8559-1", "numeric") to comment it out by putting two dashes in front like this: --os.setlocale("ISO-8559-1", "numeric") That seems to have solved the issue, though performance is not what it used to be. I used to be able to click a button and have near immediate results, now I'm getting a 1 to 3 second pause between. I can live with it for now
  11. Anyone know how to make the export.lua work for both this app and simpleradio at the same time? EDIT: I was using steam version, I decided that I've had so many other issues with it that I'm swapping over from steam to "real"... Hopefully this will fix it. Basically what's been happening is that I can get simpleradio to work, but never able to get cdu working now (did before). Edit 2 - re-installed DCS from scratch, looking in the dcs.log file I'm getting errors that point back to export.lua I've tried the file on github directly and only added my device's IP with notepad++ and DCS is still complaining about it. Is there someone who can contact the author to have them look into the export.lua and see if maybe there's something in there that a recent version of 1.5 doesn't like?? I've also tried with Entropy's shared export.lua and this is the error I got: 00032.005 ALERT EDCORE: Can't execute Lua file C:\Users\Scott\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua - [string "C:\Users\Scott\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua"]:34: attempt to call field '?' (a nil value)
  12. Hey TJ, Wish I could have done more, just really getting everything setup still... So my fix was not exactly the same as a few posts above... Long story short I ended up having to completely delete the export.lua file from my save games, create a new one (the one liner instructions from simple radio) and that worked. Now I just have to figure out how to get the CDU app working again (I found an iOS app that acts as your A-10C CDU). Always something to fix ;)
  13. I have windows 10, and installed the pre-req's. I have the steam version of DCS and it updated to 1.5.5. I installed Simple Radio, and I can connect with the client to servers (blue flag for example), but the overlay ALWAYS displays "unknown" for the freq. I surmise that the Simple Radio client and my DCS Game are not "talking" to each other. I haven't found much in the way of troubleshooting steps for this instance, can someone help?
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