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  1. My dedicated server, runs on windows 10, it's an open beta version. I'm trying to run the dashboard on Firefox version 68.0.2 64bit. What I can not understand is why it works on my PC gaming using the same OS and the same browser and why it does not work on my PC that serves as my server ...
  2. Obviously the dashboard works at home on my main PC, when I launch the dedicated server on my gaming PC but when I run it on my second local PC that serves as server support, WebGUI does not see the server. Could this come from the java file that allows the connection to the server?
  3. My server works perfectly, in --norender --server mode. But when I go on the WebGUI interface I have this message: I specify that my port 10308 and 8088 are open on my box
  4. Hello everyone Since a few months I have a problem with the GUI interface for my dedicated server ... My server is running well in --server --norender mode But when I launch the WebGUI interface he tells me that the server is not responding ... Someone would have any idea ? Thank you
  5. Bonjour à tous Depuis quelques mois j'ai un problème avec l'interface GUI pour mon serveur dédié ... Mon serveur est bien lancé en mode --server --norender Mais quand je lance l'interface WebGUI il me dit que le serveur ne répond pas ... Quelqu'un aurait une idée ? Merci
  6. I think I will invest in a mini pc with 2.4 ghz, 8 GB of RAM, INTEL ® HD GRAPHIC. thank you for the information
  7. Hello, can we run the server dedicated DCS on a host VPS linux without directx 11? or should we have absolutely a windows OS? thank you in advance
  8. Yes good news ! Does your work include the data of all the players present on the online mission?
  9. Hello I'm looking for an external logbook for multiplayer flights, to count the stats of my team in multi, it exists there? thank you
  10. Sorry i think, i don't post in the good section
  11. Hello all The question may have been asked. How many customer aircraft can be displayed on the Stennis cold engine parking? I managed to show 2 planes on parking 1 and 3 but when I put 3 planes ... BOOM. Is there a solution? Thank you in advance for your answers
  12. Thank you very much for your help ! ;)
  13. I find it sorry : env.setErrorMessageBoxEnabled(false)
  14. Thank you for this solution! Sorry as I do not master at all, all the functions of MIST, I do not understand how to write the code of this function What variable should I put? Can you get me the code to go on the editor please?
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