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  1. As for a completely new system, what you say of this? Intel I3 9100f MSI H310 M/B 32GB Ram @ 2400 Mhz GTX 1660 ti 6 Gb Ram With a system of this kind, can i play at 1080p in a satisfactory way? Can i reach, to say, 60/70 FPS? Thank you...
  2. Hi!!! Just one question... How many FPS can you achieve with this configuration? What are your graphic settings?? Thanks
  3. Can you suggest a valid brand for PSU? Something i can buy without robbing a bank!!! For a ryzen 5 3600 and a gtx 1660ti what wattage you suggest?
  4. No, really no. I just want a stable system without overclocking anything. My PSU is an ITEK of 650 watt.
  5. Thank you! That is an interesting configuration!!! I've already game and os on a sata SSD. And yes, i'm gaming at 1080p. Remaining with that resolution, can i have a decent amount of FPS with this type of build??
  6. Thanks for your response!!! In your experience, going to 16-32 gb of RAM and adding a GTX 1660, how many FPS could i obtain with this CPU?? I will play on a 1080p monitor, no VR. I would like to pump up eye candies a bit! PS: on a side, if i wanted to change my CPU (and m/b) with a beefier one, just to have more power, what could i choose?? My entire budget is around 700-800 $. I'm interested in the following ones: - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 - i3 9350K Thanks
  7. Hi guys!!! My current configuration is: Pentium G4560 8 gb Ram GPU GTX 750 Now, i'd want to upgrade this configuration as fps are going down... What would you recommend? How do you see a RTX 2060 with my cpu? G4560 should have the same single core performance as a ryzen 5 2600... Is it a completely wrong direction?? Thanks in advance...
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