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  1. I see the distance to the carrier on the HSI once I have TACAN, but this is the direct as-the-crow-flies (slant) distance, and not the abeam distance (which the is the distance between aircraft and carrier on just azimuth (3-9) axis? Could someone post a screen shot? AFAIK, there are only a few points in the pattern where you do a visual check of the carrier; by then it is too late to adjust/correct the offset distance.
  2. As the question states, how do I know that I am the correct offset from the carrier (e.g., 1.2nm) on the downwind?
  3. Yes! I have learned this the hard way! Either I blow the engine or it goes all wobbly. Trying to learn how to turn (or, more generally, fight) without getting below 180/200 ... that is what I need to work on. Easier said than done :( Thanks for the video. Will see if I can pick up anything from there :)
  4. Ok, just tried this, and don't know if it was psychological or not, but it made a BIG difference! I think it really helped! Thanks!
  5. Thanks! "You don't need to pull the harderst turn you can, just pull hard enough to keep on someone's six" Ah, yes. Problem here is that practicing against the AI, they have X-men physics. I can't follow the AI at "excellent" (or whatever the top skill level is called). In "standard", they fly more realistically, but still I find it tough. Yet, I believe I am still limited by my own lack of skill here rather than the AI's super-physics. So, indeed, I will try and practice those turns.
  6. 1) Thrustmaster Warthog with 20cm extension 2) No curves or saturation 3) No, DCS Spitfire is my "first" Spitfire! I have started getting into IL2 as well, though not very much yet.
  7. Thanks. Will explore the trim thing. I guess I thought trim was just for efficient cruising with hands-off the controls.
  8. So, the Spitfire is supposed to be a turn queen. Well, this poor guy can't handle her! I keep loosing so much speed that I loose control of the plane, or get her into this wobbly state where I am always on the edge of the stall. I understand that I am pull/banking too hard for the speed. But if I relax the tightness of the turn, it seems that I take waaaay too long to turn AND I end up loosing so much speed anyway that I've gained nothing? If anyone can share tips/advice/suggestions, that would be great. E.g., turn angles etc. I also intend to practice more .... but how does one practice turns in combat? Just get up there and fly in circles?
  9. Figured it out: LALT-C!
  10. Is there a way to hide the mouse cursor in the 3d world?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions/advice, all! Tracks will be my first try, failing which "co-piloting", failing which let them take the A-10C for a ride!
  12. So getting my OR soon! Yaaaaay! I would like to showcase/wow my spouse/kids with the experience, but they don't fly. Any suggestions on how it can be done? I guess I could strap them in in an "easy" a/c to fly, e.g., A-10C or something similar, teach them the basics of pitch/roll with the stick and have them start at a high enough altitude that they cannot crash easily. But from what I've read the wow factor comes from, e.g., flying low and fast through Vegas or hill terrain, maybe in a helo such as the Gazelle or an a/c such as the Spit, which would be beyond their skills. So, how to maximize the wow factor and let them see it? I was thinking of some convoluted arrangement where they wear the headset and I fly in a second seat using the monitor, but don't know if that will work in terms of room. Alternatively, would it be possible for me to fly a while, and record/save the track, and then have them wear the VR doing the replay? Any ideas?
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