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  1. I don't think this is the case, I took care to load the wingmen with the A.I. versions of the missiles. The strange thing is that in another mission where all the Viggens are A.I. (and I fly a Su-33 defending the convoy) they fire the missiles with no problem :huh:
  2. I made a mission to test a Viggen attack on a group of ships, but my 2 wingmen don't release their missiles, they just follow me all the way to the target and back to the base, they don't even answer to my radio messages. I enclose the mission file, can anybody tell me what's wrong? Test navi battaglia.miz
  3. bombs release Mmhh, I guess I didn't understand well the bombs release in the Skyhawk. I had 6 bombs in my ventral pylon and I wanted to drop 4 with an interval. I set quantity at 2, desired interval and ripple release at pairs. But all 6 bombs where released :huh:
  4. 1) set the Slyhawk and another flyable plane on the carrier, both as "client". Set the Skyhawk as "take off from parking hot". 2) Start the mission and jump first in the other plane. Then hit Esc and Choose Slot and jump n the Skyhawk. 3) The Skyhawk will start to move slowly backwards, so hold your brakes until you open throttle taxing to the catapult point This works for me :)
  5. Here it's the track: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14NZMFdOx16-FQO0TNloHHUTUHHpR-lKb
  6. I found out what was wrong. After every mav fired, I must exit the TV mode choosing another option in the right MPCD (e.g. ENG) and then go back to the TV mode. in this way the TDC can be slewed again and everything works fine :thumbup:
  7. Following the procedure on Chuck's guide, everything is ok when I fire the first Mav. But after this, when I press TDC DOWN to slave the DMT to an area this is always offset a bit to the left of where I aimed, and I can't move any more the DMT using the TDC controls. What can I do wrong? (sorry I should have posted this in the AV8 N/A forum but I can't delete it, please the moderator move it)
  8. Some objects like fuel tanks and ammunition depots are only visible when you get quite close. Is there any way to increase the distance of visibility?
  9. That was the thing, thanks :thumbup:
  10. I haven't been flying the AV8 for a while, and after the various updates I have some problems. First, when I select the EHSD page on the MPCD I get immediately the new moving map which I don't want for now (I find the navigation data barely visible in that background). After reverting to the black background and selected the WYPT option, the EHSD doesn't give any info on direction and distance to the selected waypoint: the waypoint bearing pointer stay fixed with no regard to my course changes, and the distance to the waypoint never changes. Of course, the INS knob and the HUD display are on the NAV position. Am I doing anything wrong?
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