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  1. Thank you Draconus. I will try this on DCS 1.5 and feed you back. (just a bit busy after reset windows 10)
  2. Thank you for your interest in my request, I think you right but let me explain better. On the same machine win 10 i have my DCS installation. Each user enter with their user account. So they have their own: This PC\ win\USER\XXX\saved game\DCS version X is it mor understable ?
  3. Hello every body, I hope you guys are ok even these crazy period. Well I experiment something strange with the runway lightning. One user Have the runway lightning from about 10-20 NM but for an other user on the same machine of course receive the light of the runway only about 3 NM. And the light swith step by step on. i tried to copy files but without any result. This happen in version 1.5 and 2.5.6. Any ideas are welcom. Maybe is it possible to tune this situation in on config file ??? Thank you for your answers!
  4. Hello everyone, I try to display the ADF. For unknown reason the circle indicate the ADF direction does not appear. I look differents tutos that does show any special manipulation but... my DDI doesn't display any information. Thank you for your informations
  5. Thank you guys for your answers. I just need 2 definitions please USN = ? DF = ? I profit to give the link of chuck's manual that is simply crazy GREAT !!! https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=212282 Enjoy your flights
  6. Waw man ! amazing! Congratulation and on behalf of all I shout: THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!
  7. Hello gyus. I am happy to fly the new hornet. Could nav with tacan but not with ADF. Are the NDB from golf online (functionning) ? General question for genius Is it possible to get VOR signal from TACAN thank you to all helper
  8. Thank you for your answer. I am a bit angry because there is several trouble with this plane that I bought arround 50 $ at this period. How to see soon many update ! Best regards
  9. Dominiquepc7

    Hawk smoke

    Hello guys, Second time I ask this question as I cannot find back my last Thread. I tried to start the smoke of my Hawk, without any success. I have assigned the button on my handle but... ??? Somebody can explain how to setup the smoke on this plane Thank you for your answer
  10. Hello everybody, I try to start the smoke with the hawk witout success. Somebody can explain me the procedure? Thank you
  11. Hello guys, since the laste update arround 2 weeks, I am not able to run the simulator without sacades. I have 16 g memory used at 85%. My configuration is i7 with video card NVIDIA GTX 960. I runed a disck compactor; deleted maximum resident programs but nothing is better. Somebody can say what happen and how to solve this issue ?:mad: Thank you for your help
  12. ok merci. Je n'ai pas esseye dínverser les palonier avec les freins. Mais bon...
  13. Bonjour a tous, J'essaie de puis trop longtemps maintenant de faire du vol en formation avec le hawk. Mais voila au momment de rouler l'avion demare le roulage mais au premier freinage, impossible de le d'avancer de nouveau. Je me declare joueur et je declare un autre avion soit comme 2e avion d'une meme patrouille soit un avion client etc. J'ai fait beaucoup d'essais mais tous infructueux. Je precise que j'avais achete cet addon Qq peux-t'il me dire ou se trouve le pb? Merci a tous
  14. merci, je vais essayer ?!?
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