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  1. Is the MFD with the TGP set as your SOI?
  2. Which rockets do you mean? The R4M or the Werfergranate 21? Both can kill soft targets like jeeps, trucks and stuff like that. However aiming the Werfergranate is really hard so you have better chances to score a hit with the R4M. Keep in mind that both are unguided A-A rockets built to destroy bombers and split up their formation. Historically they were fired into a large formation of bombers to increase the chances of a hit. In my opinion the Dora is a pretty good plane to fight the P51 and Spitfire. Remember that speed is life in the D-9. The speed advantage over a Spitfire is high. The P51 can almost fly as fast as you can but it wont keep up long, because is can’t run on max power for too long. (i have heard that the cooling of the D-9 is broken right now so that advantage is gone) A turning fight is not the thing i would recommend. If you have altitude and speed you should usually be fine.
  3. I just tried to hold ctrl+f8 during the startup but nothing happens..
  4. My pc is currently stuck in the Windows automatic repair loop. It tells me to select an administrator user, but my main user isn‘t an administrator user anymore for some reason. If my users don‘t show up when i have to select the administrator user, my pc says I can restart the pc and try to login on windows and manage my users. However when i do that it all this starts again. I tried to find a solution online, but i haven‘t found one that describes how to create an administrator in this state of the pc. Does anyone have any clue what i can do?
  5. I am not able to make this happen in singleplayer. It just happens on multiplayer, so I think it is not a bug of the F16.
  6. I will fly today and then send a track file because I don‘t have one right now.
  7. No i am pretty sure it is due to the scale change it happens frequently.
  8. When i have a target locked on at the 40nm scale and it moves closer the scale changes to 20nm automatically at some point, but this breaks my lock. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. The strange thing is everything worked beautiful before the update.
  10. After the latest update DCS got unplayable for me. The loading times have increased dramatically and when i am in the aircraft it stutters so much that it becomes impossible to do anything. This always happens on mulitplayer and almost always in singleplayer missions. Before the update everything ran smooth at ~50-60 fps. At first I thought the game might have a problem so I installed DCS completely new, but that didn‘t help. Then I checked if my software had any problems, however no better results after that. Now I am thinking about an SSD storage upgrade, because I run it on a HDD. Does anyone know anything what i can do? My system specs: i7 8750H @2.20 gHz, GTX 1060, 16 GB ram, running on HDD
  11. I have found an interesting website of the weapons and loadouts from the Eurofighter. This really shows how much this plane can carry. http://eurofighter.airpower.at/bewaffnung.htm
  12. How can i change the altitude at which de CBU 97 dispenses the bomblets? This altitude is barometric right?
  13. Hallo, mein Name ist Julian. Ich komme aus Österreich und bin 16 Jahre alt. Derzeit bin ich auf der Suche nach einem passendem Geschwader, was sich als nicht leicht erwiesen hat. Wegen meinem Alter erfülle ich bei vielen Geschwader nicht die Vorraussetzungen. Noch dazu sind für mich regelmäßige Trainings öfter schwer realisierbar, weil die Schule mal mehr und mal weniger Hausaufgaben verlangt. Auch Trainings am Abend vom Freitag oder Samstag sind ganz schwer realisierbar. Dennoch versuche ich immer was zu lernen, wenn ich fliege. Angefangen habe ich mit den Flugsimulatoren 2016 mit IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad und 2017 stieg ich dann auf DCS um, da ich die Herausforderung suchte. Ich interessiere mich sehr für die Militärluftfahrt, besonders für den technischen Aspekt dahinter. Hauptsächlich habe ich mich mit der Luftfahrt im 2 Weltkrieg befasst jedoch bessert sich mein Wissen bei modernen Flugzeugen immer mehr. Diese Module besitze ich: F16, Ka 50, Su 27, F15, FW 190 D9, Mig 21. Wenn ihr mich in eurem Geschwader brauchen könnt lasst es mich bitte wissen!
  14. Try running „DCS World repair“. You can find it simply by typing it into your search bar on the bottom left if you use Windows.
  15. So when I press the keys for antenna up or down the highest and the lowest scanned altitudes change very quick which makes minor adjustments hard. Is there any way to make the controlls a little more sensitive?
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