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  1. Thank You! Exactly what I was looking for. David
  2. Thank You. I thought they might be dusty/dirty since the TQS was boxed up for several years only used it 3 times. Will look into the other suggestion. Thank You David
  3. Thank You Rudel. I have seen that. I was hoping there might be a way without disassembly. Something like a spray type cleaner/lubricant. Without throttle disassembly. Thank You for your input. David
  4. Hello folks, trying to use my cougar TQS again. I have the TSUBA adapter. I know you can set idle, afterburn detents. However, i no longer have the metal piece that clicked. Is there a way I can set up my TQS, that would allow me to push the throttle up a little, and then back to idle to emulate a start position? Same for the detent areas. On the warthog, you lift up and it clicks in the detent for start. Trying to essentially accomplish the same with TQS without lifting the throttle. Thanks for any help. David
  5. Hello folks, I drug out my TQS recently after f16 module purchase. I have the TSUBA adapter. I noted that there were some erratic readings. Before getting too carried away, I wanted to do a good cleaning of the pots first. Is there a reference anywhere, that may help me with this procedure. I did a search here, but after 500 posts..I gave up. Hence this topic. Thanks for any assistance. FYI, I am not referring to the hall sensor stuff. I know about rel4y hall sensor. I am waiting for him to release the updated ANT etc pots. Then purchase all at once. Thank You in advance. David
  6. Hello folks, I decided I'm going to focus on learning the A10 Tank Killer II to proficiency. I had many modules, I found myself jumping form plane to plane, not really learning what I need too for a mission. I have read a lot of the A10 manual, and chuck's guides. I have a decent working knowledge of operating the A10. However, I don't exactly have a good knowledge or foundation of how to Deploy my A10. By that I mean, a walk through type tutorial. I know Baltic Dragon continues to work on his, at least I think he is still working on it. I have watched many vids re weapons and systems use and deployment. Is there a tutorial or reference, that would take a newbie like me through a complete mission. Also, that correlated with VA and VIAcom for the realism. I am a realworld airline pilot, but all civilian. I understand how to fly set radios etc. This is new to me. I'm essentially wanting a complete mission walk through. IE OK, here we contact "Darkstar" We select freq XXX from mission brief etc....OK..now what? What do I do with that information in my A10? If using an AI wingman, how do I know what commands to give them. Formation, Attack etc. So the tutorial would say something along the lines of...OK Darkstar gave us this info...so we need to set....and tell your wingman to go to this formation....we do this because....OK we are now at target, this is how we contact JTACS to get 9 line....OK we have a target...we need our wingman to do this while we attack.... I think you get the idea. If it is buried in the A10 manual somewhere...I'll keep looking. If you know of a tutorial vid or written that gives a complete detailed mission walk through, can you guide me that direction. All I seem to find are individuals weapon and systems stuff, or campaigns. Thank. Any help ideas appreciated. David
  7. Title pretty much say it all. I was following several threads, I can no longer see them anymore. Is there something I need to do to get them to show up again? Thanks David
  8. Hi, Thank You. yes, I have left a Email message for Rel4y. Still awaiting a response. Thank You. Best, David
  9. hi Sokol1, that procedure is above my paygrade. Looking for Plan B. Thank You for the input. Much appreciated. Best. David
  10. Hello Max, Thank You for yourhelp. I can't seem to find the info on 5v serial mumbers. My throttle is 13097, hopefully late enough mfg to be 5v. I think I'll contact Thrustmater support, see if they know the range when it was mfg 5v Thank You for your time. I'll play around with the dx switches, see what happens. Best' David
  11. Hello max, Thank You for the info. I need to see if I have the 5v. then I'll order too. RE the DX buttons. When you calibrate the TUSBA, you can create 3 DX buttons. Idle,Mil,Aft. I'm just not sure how to use those DX Buttons within DCS. Hoping someone could shed more light on their function. Best, David
  12. Geez, my heads about to explode. i do this to myself all the time...arrive late to the party. I purchased the F-16 module. Dug out my old Cougar throttle. Will use warthog stick. I read so many things to update TQS...hall sensors, new style microsticks etc. Get excited to order, then find out no longer made, no responses via email on original message about product etc etc. I'm just going to ask my questions. Yes, i have done searches all over the place. Most of the time I can't locate info. because my search skills suck. I know if I input the right query, I can get an answer. OK first question.:I know I need to clean all my pots on the throttle. I have looked for a guide to disassemble my throttle, no luck yet. Any one have a good link/technique? Next question: I see Rel4y sells some hall sensors and a new microstick. Criteria being that I need to know if my throttle is 5v? It is my understanding to determine this, remove the cover and look at the back of the PCB board for a resistor? I guess that entails removing the PCB to see the back? Indications are that he is till in business and sells these products. The throttle hall sensor, and microstick? I'm also under the impression he will be releasing ANT ELEV pots too. Or is this old news now. Lastly, I have the TUSBA device now. I figured out why I wasn't getting any movement..op error don't quite understand the DX buttons for IDLE MIN and AFT. How would you use them. Would you assign them to the throttle as a button instead of axis? Any insight appreciated. I have gone over the manual so many times...just not clicking on why I would use them. I read the threads about how to set up virtual throttle detents etc. WOW! Above my pay grade. One reason why my brain hurts right now. Kudos to those that figure this out, much appreciated. I'm sure this info is here somewhere, i have read alot...but I keep getting sent down these rabbit holes. I just need one place to look for answers. Thanks for any help. David
  13. OK, making progress. I found the manual for the TUSBA...it's a lot more detailed than the vid. I just set up a min and max to experiment. Before I thought I had put an idle detent in the throttle....hence moving it from min to idle..nothing happened. Well, this time....I hit the R-SHIFT HOME key, this moved the throttle out of the cutoff position...I had thought the idel would do the same as the warthog idle...I was mistaken. Once the throttle moved out of cutoff....everything moved just fine!..yay. Throttle works OK/ Don't know about the antenna etc...will find out later as I do tutorials. OK, moving forward. Thanks everyone for your input. Appreciated. David
  14. Hello Rudel, that is interesting the TUSBA is showing a joystick too. I don't have one connected at all. I just have the throttle connected at this time. I just show one TUSBA_R2 device on my controls page. I have KEYBOARD,TUSBA_R2,MOUSE. That is all on my CONTROLS page. I wonder if the joystick being in there is conflicting somehow? I'll try and delete the joystick out of the profile, see if that works. Were would that file be located? Or can I edit it at all? Is there perhaps something in the RS_HID software, that may be causing the joystick to read? Even though nothing is hooked up. IE after running the software, it created that entry in TSUBA_R2. The other issue I find weird, when setting up my throttle in RS_HID...when I calibrate, the numbers start high at MIN and go to 0 at MAX. I use the INV setting to change that direction. However, I checked my flightsim(P3Dv5) with the inv setting....it is inversed in the sim too. IE when I loaded the plane, the throttle was already MAX with the actual hardware throttle at MIN position. I changed it back by turning off inv for the throttle. When trying flightsim(P3dv5) again, everything moved in the appropriate direction. Finally, I noticed when setting up my axis in DCS, when I moved the throttle from MIN to MAX, I got several different axis readings. IE First I got axis JOY_RY, then as I moved forward, it switched to SLIDER_1, then continuing to move forward it showed SLIDER_2...then finally at MAX it read JOY_RZ. I don't have a clue what is going on with the throttle. I know it works fine on my other sims, but DCS doesn't like it at all. Any thought appreciated. David
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