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  1. Hello, You can always ask questions it is no problem. I am working on a new helicopter for X-Plane and it takes all of my time. When I have more time I will come back to this MOD and fix if I can. I hope you are well
  2. Hello, Sorry for the delay in reply I have been away. I can have a look at these issues to see what I can do, but as I do not have 4k it would be difficult for me to trouble-shoot, but I will see what I can do. Thanks
  3. Hello, Sorry for the delay in reply I have been away. I can have a look at these issues to see what I can do, but as I do not have 4k it would be difficult for me to trouble-shoot, but I will see what I can do. Thanks
  4. Hello, This would be possible to create and I will put it on the list for later updates. Thanks
  5. Anything is possible Thanks
  6. Hello. I am aware that most of the vehicles are to clean for the DCS environment and need some work, I was just thinking about this last week and will when I get some time make some changes. As for the lights? Do you fly in VR or on 2D screen? I only ask as I never use 2D only VR to test my MODS and think that the levels are OK. I live next to a hospital in real life and see every night the ambulances driving by all the time and the blue lights are REALLY bright! much brighter than I can replicate in DCS. Thanks
  7. Hello, The info is at the download section: To install: 0. - If you have earlier versions, just overwrite when prompted. Previous content will still be intact. *Large heliports will need to be re-added. **Lit vehicles are now ground units and need to be re-added from the ground unit menu. 1. - Unzip and place the extracted folder called "Civil_Objects" to: - C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\tech\ To use: 2. - Open up mission editor - sel ect Static Object button - choose category "Structures" or "Heliports". - You will find entries starting with "Civ". - To add movable vehicles - Choose New Ground Unit - You will find the vehicles in the "Unarmed" category. - Place on map. * Heliports will allow you to start from the pad (hot, cold, parking, ramp), these act differently to the helipads. ** DCS engine handles heliport placement differently to static objects (mainly height), that’s why a block has been added. if you make a mission to share, each person who downloads your mission must have this MOD installed, this is normal, just include the information in your mission descriptions. Thanks
  8. I can look at these but what ones? The three fire engines? Thanks
  9. Hello, This has been fixed and now and they will show as unarmed ground units which do move. I will release when I get some time along with some other updates. Thanks
  10. The answer is YES, I have converted them to units with assignable waypoints and speeds etc. and will release them as soon as I get time, I have some other stuff to update first. Thanks
  11. Hello, I think you can already, a user has reported that if you add the object through the "fortifications" menu in mission editor you can add waypoints etc. I have not tried this. However the objects models are not facing the direction of travel in version 1.6, but I have already rotated them all for version 1.7 which I will try to upload as soon as I can. I will also investigate the LUA coding to add all models as ground units and not just statics as they will be much better in missions. I hope this helps Cheers
  12. Hello, Be assured, it will be the next vehicle added to the pack. Cheers
  13. Hello, Sorry for the delay, are you asking for the above items to be added to existing models or stand alone items? What I tend to do is place the objects on the map in areas that are already wooded, or place the hospital next to a road in a town for example, this works OK. I am fully open to enhancing the models for the better. Thanks
  14. Hello, The heliports / models are "all in one" objects and not a conglomeration, all you have to do is place it on a map and place any aircraft you want to fly on them in mission editor. I cant create any missions at this time as I am away from home for a week and do not have DCS on my laptop. Give it a go and see how you get on. If you are unable, I can put a couple of mission files on this forum next week. Thanks
  15. Hello, You can download the current versions from the link above in my first post, the pictures here are showing some minor updates which I will release when I get back home (I am away for a week). Or did you want a mission with these in? Thanks
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