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  1. @Elof - does it do the same thing in other titles? Also, when it starts occurring in DCS if you alt-tab out of DCS and look in Game Controllers, is it now doing it in there? @fagulha Are you running with a profile loaded from our software or just assigning within DCS? Also, does it do the same thing in other titles?
  2. @Elof Have you been through the recalibration steps for both regedit and the stick firmware? Regedit: https://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/Recalibrate-controller-axes-RegEdit Stick firmware: https://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/x56-space-flight-vr-simulator-controller/faq#link_Recalibrate-the-X56-H-O-T-A-S-Axes-Firmware
  3. Hi, Have you been through and reassigned the controls for the F/A-18C in DCS's control options?
  4. Hi there. So, no lights on the throttle at all? Or are you saying the throttle doesn't operate the in-game throttle? If the former, have you tried different USB ports on your PC? Is the throttle showing up in Game Controllers in Windows (type joy.cpl into the Windows search window to access)? If the latter, have you been through the assignments process in DCS?
  5. There won't be any further updates to the software as it is I'm afraid. The plan is to integrate the HOTAS into G HUB along with all other Logitech products and then you'll have access to the G Shift function which could be assigned to the pinkie. No timescale on this yet though I'm afraid. In the meantime Akula's suggestion should get you what you need.
  6. You need the first post in this thread but, essentially, the black/grey version is the improved version of the X56 and the only one that will be made going forwards.
  7. The support agent will typically run through troubleshooting as part of contact so they will have been able to diagnose if there's an issue - often this involves them asking the customer to take video to show the issue. So, whilst it doesn't achieve Wilbur81's desire to be avoid being completely without a working HOTAS, it does result in a reduced time that this would be the case as we're cutting out the shipping time back to us as well as it then being analysed. Please do get in touch with our support though as it does sound like there's an issue with the Y axis pot in that mini stick assembly I'm afraid.
  8. If it turns out to be faulty, with a relatively large box item like the X56 our support will normally ask you to snip the USB cable and send a photo as proof of destruction and then send you the replacement unit. Curious to know exactly what's happening here though. Is the axis spiking down on its own? Is it happening when you touch the mini stick? Can you replicate this behaviour in the test screens in joy.cpl?
  9. Crab's beat me to pretty much exactly what I was going to say. The key point to remember is that the throttles on the X56 ARE the X and Y axes. That doesn't matter though. Provided you've correctly assigned the axes then you should be fine - follow Crab's picture as the comparison.
  10. Confirmed! I repeat though: please do take the correct anti-static precautions.
  11. No barrage felt here - comments always welcome. I'm not omnipresent though so if you ever want to draw my attention then please feel free to PM me as Akula did. @Akula if the throttle tension knob isn't working then it may be that the application of damping grease was too excessive or has migrated somewhere it shouldn't. You will find that this eases with use but also please feel free to open the throttle and remove some of the grease - you have our blessing, just please take the usual precautions for anti-static/ESD to ensure you don't damage the unit. Regarding customer support, we have many ways of reaching them - I always recommend the phone option wherever possible. We're always looking for ways to improve customer support though so your feedback is appreciated. For those wondering about my role at Logitech, I'm the Global Product Manager for Simulation so I can say to Sandman that there are no plans at this stage to produce an extension, I'm afraid.
  12. @HiJack The control panel is still there - we can’t remove a Windows component! Type joy.cpl into the run window and that will take you there. The twist spring is deliberately stiffer than the X52 due to feedback on that product; the same is true of the throttle. Happy to answer any further questions to the best of my ability to do so.
  13. Hey there, sorry to hear that. We're still covering support on the X55 so if you get in touch with our support team then they should be able to help. One thing to check before you do is to make sure that the contacts on both the removable grip and in the gimbal are clean, as well as ensuring that it has been tightly secured with the screw collar. If it's still not working then please get in touch through support.logitech.com
  14. There's no recall in place for the original X56. Please get in touch with our support team if your X56 has an issue though.
  15. Yes, that will be the new one - they just haven't updated the images. The X56 throttle has no detents.
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