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  1. I wasn´t really too interested in the “Vulkan for DCS” discussion as I had no real idea what this could practically mean…until a few days ago when thanks to the YouTube algorithm I was made aware that “in one of my other simulators” (I understand that I´m not supposed to specifically name other games…) an update with Vulkan support has come out (that has already happened a few moth ago, so YT was a little slow this time, but better late than never…). I gave it a try and - with my hardware unchanged - the performance went from really unplayable (I haven’t touched that Certain Other Simulator Which Is Not To Be Named (hereinafter “COSWINTBN”) for a year or so because of the extremely poor performance in VR…) to really, really nice and smooth even in the most demanding sceneries (eg NYC). Absolutely amazing…I can now fully understand why this seems to be on top of the wishlist for so many VR simmers in DCS, it definitely is on mine now! In contrast to what I would assume are the wishes of at least most VR Users, unfortunately, it doesn´t seem to be on ED´s to do list…Since I´m absolutely sure the the ED devs take great pride in their work and really strive to make DCS as good as it can reasonably get my guess is that commercial necessities are in the way. Vulkan integration seems to be quite demanding and resource intensive. For us, DCS is a hobby, for the ED guys it´s what pays their bills so I can see why they are reluctant to devote a substantial amount of their (limited) development capacity away from “payed stuff” into an improvement which will as such not “make money”. I think this is totally legitimate. So, why not pay for Vulkan to make development commercially feasible? I would be more than willing to pay for a “Vulkan Performance Module” (especially if you bear in mind what many of us – including me – spend on hardware upgrades). In the COSWINTBN, Vulcan support can be toggled on and off, so Vulkan support can be made an “extra” which people who buy the “Vulkan Performance Module” can use and others not… Wouldn´t that sort of make everyone happy?
  2. This thread just saved my day...Had the same issue and the last .lua file you had provided fixed it nicely. Thanks a ton to everyone involved!!! I really appreciate that you have put in so much time so quickly for an obviously rather rare problem...
  3. Unfortunately not really. The CG team sent me a new "work in progress" version of the firmware and suite some month ago which I tested. IMHO there are still some major snags for using it in DCS: Since mouse emulation in "absolute mode" does not work as per now (only in "relative" mode) your hand position does not really correlate to the cockpit. What I mean is: you can have your hand low on your left side and operate a switch which is in the upper right corner of the cockpit. It depends on where you "pick up" the cursor...This is fully functional, but spoils immersion. This should change once "absolute mode" is implemented. I just cant dial in exact values on turning knobs, especially radio frequencies and the compass stuff, even with sensitivity turned down (so that for other purposes it´s hardly usable) the values "flicker" (maybe my age...). This is supposed to chance once separate mouse wheel emulation is functional (at present, you can just drag and drop). You can´t bind any "F" buttons nor any numpad buttons to the sensors in "keyboard emulation", which of course are pretty vital for playing DCS. If that works, you can have two functions on every finger (stretching the finger completely and bending it completely) which is really really neat (with pressure sensors 3 functions per finger, and you don´t have to move the finger away from the stick). Thats a bug that I guess is easy to fix... I have sent a mail to the CG guys if they can give us some idea when an improved version of the firmware/suite can be expected; I´ll let you know.
  4. IT WORKS!!! I had whitelisted the DCS exe files in my regular Antivirus (Norton) right after installation but - according to recommendation of our federal "Agency for Risk Assessment" (I guess you are not surprised that we have something like that in Germany) - I´m running a second opinion Anti Malware something called Hitman Pro Alert which I had totally forgotten about. After deactivating this, everything works great...Just did the Huey City Tour in the PG map and the F 18 carrier start, I just love it (this is going to be a loooong night..). Great job, Guys. Thanks to the ED Team giving us Close User Support on this forum. Never in the field of flight simulation was so much owed by so many to so few!
  5. Me, again… Sorry. Installed OB on my new drive, worked ok for a couple of times, then after a restart the same problem again (may be pure coincidence but the last time I used the game before the restart, I ticked the box "save password"; I seem to remember that bevor my old installation failed, I checked "stay logged in"). As I have enough SSD space now I installed the release version, that works just fine. Just for fun, I tried the OB Version again, and all of a sudden, it works (didn´t change a thing). So that issue is miraculously solved for the time being...keep my fingers crossed. But, as I have a very bad IT karma, (I just attract everything that can go wrong) if have two issues (not sure if it´s ok to post this here, if not just give me a hint and i´ll move it to where you think it´s appropriate): When trying to fly the F 18 (Quickstart Mission) after loading is complete, I´m not sitting in the Aircraft, but back in the Hanger (in VR) with the map in front of me (just the map if I start with VR off). When I type f2, f3 and so on, I can see my aircraft externally, but pressing f1 does nothing, especially not bring me in the cockpit. The other modules work fine. Have attached a log with that scenario (dcs log f18) which is incredibly long... When trying to use the Persian Gulf map I get an " terrain initialisation error". Have attached the log file "dcs log UH PG" (Quick start mission for Huey). From the log it seems to me that the issue is dcs not being able to load "mods/terrains/persiangulf/terrain.cfg.lua.dll.crypt" (there is something with that name in the folder specified in the error message, so the file exists at the right spot) and "mods/terrains/persiangulf/terrain.cfg.lua.dll" - that file -i.e. without the "crypt" - doesn´t exist in the folder. I have searched the forum and in the German section there is one guy with the same problem but no report how this was solved. It´s a fresh install, no mods or stuff, did repair and clean but that didn´t change anything on both issues. Again, help would be greatly appreciated!!! dcs Log F 18.zip dcs Log UH PG.zip
  6. "go nuclear"... for a very short moment I was tempted to throw in an incredibly funny pun involving North Corea Thanks again and I´ll let you know how it went. So this will be about a week of DCS cold turkey with the new PG map and the F 18 just out of reach... I guess, poor old Tantalus wouldn´t want to be in my shoes… Have a great weekend!
  7. Thanks so much for your very fast reply. As I´m pretty close to "dumbest assumable user" I sort of messed it up. What I did is downloading the DCS_updater_64bit.zip (the one under Troubleshooting), extracted it in my download folder and ran it (I can see you rolling your eyes). It downloaded and copied for a while (I shutoff the Norton AV beforehand) and then told me that it has finished installing (the stable version), and then I got an error message that the bin/dcs.exe file couldn´t be found. I checked in the explorer and found, that my Open Beta installation in my Programmes Folder (the one thats not working) is untouched, but that the updater has created some sort of part installation of the stable version in my download folder, the one in which I extracted the new updater. That version cant run (and has no bin folder by the way). I should probably have extracted the updater to the DCS file under Programmes. As I´m very short of SSD space and have been planning to get a separate larger SSD for my simulators/games I will try the following: Delete the newly created files in my download folder via Explorer Copy the DCS Saved Games Folder to save my config files Copy folder with my mods which I manage with OVGME. Uninstall my current Open Beta installation using the unins000.exe in the DCS World Install the new SSD Deactivate Norton Go to https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/beta/ and download installer Run installer (as I understand the Installation Instruction on the DCS Website while running I will be prompted to chose a directory (not sure whether I have to create a special folder or just give the letter of the new SSD) When all is finished take a deep breath, cross my fingers and run DCS. If DCS runs, install all my modules via module manager Substitute config file in Saved Games with the old one. Reinstall OVGME (and _Mods file) and Skatezillas Updater Utility in new DCS folder. Does that make sense? Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.
  8. Hi there, I would be most grateful for some advice on this: I´m running Open Beta (which I created from the stable release using Skate Zillas extremely helpful Updater Utility). Worked great until I tried to use the new Persian Gulf Map and the F 18. Both didn´t work i.e "crash to desktop" when trying to use them (different story, I guess, or is it?) but after doing a restart in order to fix this, DCS won´t start at all (have tried all available methods including start in VR or without VR via the Updater Utility). Two login popups appear very briefly, then nothing, i.e. desktop (and no sign of DCS in the task manager). The only thing I remember that I might have changed between everything ok (except the new modules) and nothing is working at all is that I have clicked "stay logged in" at some point... Now comes the strange part. After doing a repair (I was afraid to do a cleanup as this seems to eliminate all kind of stuff from downloaded missions) with the Updater Utility I followed Big Newys advice and deleted the DCS folder in Saved Games. The login window pops up, I enter the login data and then again DCS vanishes. On the next attempt (after deleting the DCS Folder again) I "quit" the login procedure (without logging in), and DCS opened correctly (however informing me, that of course I can't use any of my bought modules). When I tried to login from inside the game´s Main Menu, DCS crashes again. So it´s the attempt to login which stops the game instantly. When I enter a wrong password, I get the "incorrect password" notice (not sure whether that's an indication that there is connection to the ED server...) I have checked, that the DCS.exe is on the whitelist for the Windows firewall and my Norton firewall. I have disabled my Norton Anti Virus, no change... With my limited knowledge I´m really out of options and any help would be extremely appreciated! Have attached the zip file as per Bignewys instructions...(and an additional file which was created after my successful start without prior login and the crash upon the subsequent login from the game). Thanks a lot! DCS Log offline start.txt Logs.zip
  9. Hi Guys, I would be extremely grateful for some help here (my IT knowledge is somewhat limited, I´m afraid). I tried to use the PG map, but every time I´m starting to do anything with it (using the ready made A 10 Missions or try to create a mission in the mission editor) DCS just shuts down (no warnings, no popups, it´s just gone as if it had been closed (Nevada and Caucasus did run ok). I have version installed, did 2 repairs with skatezillas (god bless him) great and for the mentally challenged - if it comes to IT stuff - like me live changing Updater utility. Not sure if that could play a role but this version is a stable version converted to the open beta version with the use of Skatezillas tool, so the folder is still called DCS World. I then tried some restarts and that made things really worse as I now can´t open DCS at all, neither directly nor through the Updater Utility (with or without VR). When I try to open it, the login and authentication windows pop up very quickly and then nothing (also no signs of DCS in the task manager). Did some more restarts and on the first one I got a message that the Windows Firewall has blocked some functions of the app asking me whether I would want these restrictions to be lifted, to which I agreed. But no changes… Help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Logfile attached hereto (for the laymans eye it seems that the authentification did work all right…) Thanks a ton!!! EDIT: Have made a separate post for the "doesn´t start at all" issue in the "crashes" thread dcs.txt
  10. For the missing texture there is a fix on Page 73 of this thread which worked for me in 2.5 open beta
  11. Basically love the new 2.5 but it would be just great if it would look nice in VR without DS. DS makes the cockpit harder to read, it kills FPS and for me personally the worst thing is that you just cant run MSAA more than 2x and this flickering makes me more mad that framerates in the 30th - without stuttering that is - and on MSAA 4x it stutters really bad (and I´m running a GTX 1080 an a brand new K 8700). Apart from that great work ED, that Kaukasus map is so nice and having all maps in one game is really neat!
  12. I mailed CG support and within less than an hour I got the reply (on a Sunday!). I had contacted them pre sale and post sale with some questions - same story, instant replies... At present, the glove can not emulate the touch controllers because no one let´s them in: Oculus is actively preventing emulation of the controllers by some weekly changing "counter hack", and ED with 2.5 coming up didn´t have the time to implement CG support on their end. Arizona Sunshine works (only) via steam, because the Steam VR engine works with the CG VR driver so there they can emulate the touch controllers. So what they can do at the moment is mouse and keyboard emulation which is fully functional (with the glove you can switch and dial all klickable knobs, switches and buttons - like I did before with my trackball). It´s presently just not very immersive, as your hand position is not corresponding to the virtual position of the cockpit element. This will improve within the next weeks (target is March) when CG releases new firmware an a new "suite" especially introducing an "absolute" mouse mode which will as I understand then be much more realistic than the present mode. This update will also get rid of some bugs which I encountered and some issues stemming from a recent W 10 Update. The CG guys told me that "deep integration" of CG in DCS is on top of their list, their CEO is on his way to Moscow to discuss details with the ED guys (I love the 2.5 update but IMHO using touch controllers in a realistic flight sim is a dead end road, it´s really inconvenient and much too time consuming to blindly put on the controllers lying in your lap or dangling from your wrist, so the future lies in hand tracking and the tracking quality of CG is really very good - especially compared to leap motion which I use in Xplane/Flyinside). So, as my favorite fortune cookie once said: Patience is the key to happiness. I would postpone writing the review (with some tips on calibration etc) when the new SW/FW update is there, not much sense to do this with work in progress. I you have questions in the meantime, no problem, just post it here... Ahh: you don´t have to worry about turning the glove on and off when using a HOTAS. If you calibrate the finger sensors right, nothing happens if you just grip the stick or throttle. Only if you release the throttle/stick and then bend the finger - to which you have bound your function - some more (or pinch the pressure sensor) you will interact with the cockpit elements. I always have it on constantly while playing...
  13. Just tried it out. Behaviour of the glove does not change in 2.5, i.e. it "just" emulates the mouse and not the touch sensors (which is not really immersive). As I said in my previous post, it is obviously possible to emulate touch controllers as there is a video showing guys playing Arizona Sunshine with it. I´ll contact theyr support (have some other questions too, as I plan to do a review of the product, there are some things you should know bevor you buy...), normally they are very fast in replying. Keep you posted...
  14. Stay tuned, I´ll check it out with my glove and post the result. Might well be possible because you can play Arizona Sunshine with CG as I understand. But we´ll see...
  15. Thanks a lot, Issimo. I still can´t believe the "it just works as mouse buttons" thing. I understand from the documentation that in DCS for turning the switches etc you work with The Glove in "mouse emulation mode" which to me means, it emulates a mouse. When I use my trackball (or my normal mouse) I don´t have to look at a switch to manipulate it, I can place the cursor on the switch by moving the mouse/trackball (and look the other way). For that, you need to check the "use mouse" (or whatever it´s labelled in English) box in the VR settings (I don´t usually do this, as it´s more convenient to center the cursor with your view if you are using a normal mouse/trackball). If The Glove emulates a mouse, it must be possible to aim at a switch with the glove (independent from your view), which then is a completely different ball game... Issimo, have you tried using The Glove the "use mouse" option checked?
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