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  1. I had SteamVr hijacking my G2 as well, what I did was to rename the SteamVr installation folder...of course if you need to use SteamVr again for another program just rename it back.
  2. As for openxr tools I leave it off by not putting a check mark in this option. OK, I'll leave DCS at default 1 and work the openxr toolkit only...thanks!
  3. 16 fps would be very difficult to deal with, I've found that tweaking some of the graphic's card settings have helped. Not all Nvidia 3D settings work in VR, it's a lot of trial and error. Pixel Density is a huge fps hitter.
  4. Using Reverb G2, adjusting the resolution via “custom render scale” or "pixel density"; I have this setting in DCS, as well as openxr tools and again in openxr toolkit. if I want 105% do I set all 3 to 105% or do I turn 2 down as low as they will go and set 105% to just one of them?
  5. Thanks edmuss for your clarification. Yes I understand the base line concept. I see you listed MSFS which is a native mixed reality support platform so why would you mention it? Do these files allow for non-mixed reality vr headsets to work on MSFS?
  6. After dropping the downloaded openvr_api.dll into the DCS/bin folder I started DCS...my Reverb G2 VR experience worked perfectly without needing Steam VR. I am very thankful to Nikoel. Now what I don't understand is...the intro original post OpenXR Guide for WMR Headsets By nikoel, March 17, page 1, gives a lot of instruction about how to properly do this procedure by first cleaning DCS, deleting Saved Games folder, setting pixel density first, etc. etc. I did none of that, as mentioned all I did was to replace 1 file "openvr_api.dll " and start DCS and my G2 ran perfectly. So, am I missing something by not having heeded the warnings and by not having read the following 113 pages of this thread? Thank you.
  7. People can hear me...but I can't hear them? edit: wish I knew what I did but all is now working.
  8. Thanks for the response...sorry for the late reply but I've been flying elsewhere.
  9. My main reason for the in-cockpit comms as mentioned, is it allows for more casual meeting of other pilots and I don't find 3rd party software offers this. Improvement seems stalled at this time. I do appreciate your concern for the bandwidth/server owners.
  10. Why can't there be both 3rd party comms for those that prefer it and the in-game comms for those wanting to spontaneously meet/talk with new pilots once airborne. The reason I was addressing the game creators and not the server owners is because it's the server owners who are disallowing the in-game comms.
  11. It's very discouraging to have all these servers dis-allow in-game comms. This is a great way for pilots to me one another. I have no interest in searching all the 3rd party comm software especially when DCS has built it so conveniently into the sim. Can DCS please remove the capability of blocking the use of in-game voice comms. on the multi-player servers. Thank you.
  12. Great to know...going to check it out now, thanks!
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