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  1. People can hear me...but I can't hear them? edit: wish I knew what I did but all is now working.
  2. Thanks for the response...sorry for the late reply but I've been flying elsewhere.
  3. My main reason for the in-cockpit comms as mentioned, is it allows for more casual meeting of other pilots and I don't find 3rd party software offers this. Improvement seems stalled at this time. I do appreciate your concern for the bandwidth/server owners.
  4. Why can't there be both 3rd party comms for those that prefer it and the in-game comms for those wanting to spontaneously meet/talk with new pilots once airborne. The reason I was addressing the game creators and not the server owners is because it's the server owners who are disallowing the in-game comms.
  5. It's very discouraging to have all these servers dis-allow in-game comms. This is a great way for pilots to me one another. I have no interest in searching all the 3rd party comm software especially when DCS has built it so conveniently into the sim. Can DCS please remove the capability of blocking the use of in-game voice comms. on the multi-player servers. Thank you.
  6. Great to know...going to check it out now, thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply to you all! The reason I don't use Steam and know very little about it, with the limited experience I had a couple of years back; I was unsuccessful trying to use Steam with software not purchased through Steam as I preferred purchasing direct from the software company. Is Steam an online software store or is it a performance module to use with compnay purchased software? If you can purchase through Steam what is the benefit over direct purchase with the software company?
  8. I was thinking of getting the G2 but after reading this thread I'm re-thinking the choice and now looking for another with far less light sensitivity. I've been spoiled using the Rift these past years with my multi-sensor setup giving flawless tracking, also it has great sound. Yes it could use higher resolution but I really must say it's been near flawless. Is there a competitive option to the G2?
  9. I thought the advertising of the G2 mentioned having among many options, the ability to reduce the device resolution by 1/2. No mention of 3rd party software required to do this.
  10. Are you saying the only way to have this option with HP Reverb G2 is by using the combo of Steam VR with WMR and DCS? I would think G2 would have its own native software to give you this option and many others. Do you have to purchase G2 through Steam in order to use Steam options?
  11. Thanks for your reply. I don't use steam for anything, I only use the native program. I read the following: 'A dialog will appear where the Resolution per eye can be set. Edit the Render resolution to be custom then use the slider to change the percentage. HP Reverb G2 is 2160×2160 per eye'.
  12. Running HP Reverb G2 at 1/2 resolution...what's it look like? I ask the question because I'm presently still running Rift cv1 with medium settings. If I can't run decent FPS using HP Reverb G2 at full resolution will it end up looking like what I have now with Rift cv1? i7-10700k@3.80 turbo, 2080S, 64ram, Thank you.
  13. I've been complaining about daytime MFD being too dim for over a year...I was told that is the way it is...
  14. ...As well, I tried using the stick on another computer and the issue is the same.
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