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  1. There was a bug with the F-117 which was immortal, it's beyond our control, please report it from the bug section of dcs world..
  2. VICTORY FOR BLUE FORCES ! TACVIEW: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DoRbuG8uoij3sbHxspYoxmdPzxyJ6Xv-/view?usp=sharing TRACK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VwpUEt-jjjecJDgi28wjvpUacStSpIyD/view?usp=sharing
  3. The reason and that you have decided to stay together and that on the Georgia FARP "Varsovie" there is only 01 helicopter slot left ! *Please consider this an extremely realistic event with extremely realistic flight times and military operation.. So you have +- 50min travel to the farp, 10min max for landing refuel and take off, 10 min to the a military Objective 01 Mi-24: Cruise speed 260 km / h, Maximum speed 345 km / h Counting that the event lasts 4 hours, you have enough time to make 2 run like everyone else.. Sry ;_)
  4. Tbilissi-Lochini HQ Airport * You will doing an hour of flight to Georgia FARP "Varsovie" FREQ 120 MHz AM (LM35), in order to refuel after you can start the objectives on the ground.. All confirm, thanks to you..
  5. 4, ok - 4 Pilot name pls ? 1 place in farp, others can be in Tbilissi-Lochini - Skin ?
  6. Registration confirm welcome to Real War Training 01 for mission, the 24.09.2021 at 20h00 (UTC +2) -> join us in discord : https://discord.gg/UGa3KMe
  7. - All the information on this objective is indicated in the mission briefing.. - Don't worry everything is scripted well and everything is realistic and compliant
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