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  1. Yes, I should have been more clear, it gets a green check box in modman but once im inside the game the runway is still your old clean v1.0 mod, which was non modman and which I installed in temptextures and terrain, onlay. Sorry for not putting this in the first post. This could be the reason for my problems, having installed your clean version manually and then trying v 3.0 with modman, maybe this is the problem? When I remove your old clean ones from temptextures and terrain/onlay and THEN install v.3.0 via modman I still get the green box, but once ingame the runway and taxi etc are invisible.


    Well.. as you probably know the temptextures files will overule other files/textures. You do mention "terrain\onlay". I'm pretty sure that my mod doesn't do anything at all in that folder. Maybe that is your problem? You have removed a required file?

  2. Hi, screenshots look awesome, I would love to have this installed but no matter what I try I cant get it to work, any ideas? I have your texture V3.0, the modman compatible one, using Modman 7.3 and BS version 1.02. Anyone have an idea what to do? I tried unchecking the ccds box but it was the same.



    I did manage to get it installed myself. I think that my initial problem was that Modman wsn't working properly with 1.02 and was writing to the original .cfg file. However I think the version you are using is the correct one and should work. If I get chance I'll have a look at the .cfg file and post the settings for you to check.


    Do you get the green check box in Modman when you install the mod... or is it red?

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  3. @Skypat:


    When I load up Modman it asks me for the path to Blackshark but refuses to accept it. I've manually put it in "Registry.ini" but it still says "show me the way to the root folder".


    MODMAN Version 7.20


    This is a clean install of BS with 1.02 patch. The game runs fine.



    Fixed the problem by adding "x86" into the paths in Modman.ini

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  4. That's going to be a problem with all force feedback joysticks. When you let go of the pressure on the stick with trim engaged, there is some "slack" that will need to be reacted against. These joysticks are not designed precisely enough to have no slack like in real aircraft. That would be very expensive.


    When the slack is taken out after pressure is transferred from your hand to the force feedback mechanism, the movement of course registers with the axis sensors of the joystick and hence your control in the simulator has moved from reference.


    Whilst this makes sense I don't actually think this is the case. Hajduk's linked video appears to show that the FFB can place the joystick exactly. The hall effect sensors (or pots in the evo I assume) should be able to provide accurate coordinates for the FFB mechanism. In addition IF the slack was normal then the slack would (probably) always be present. In other words the FFB mechanism would only take affect if the stick was moved a few degrees which doesn't appear to be the case. On top of that, the FFB mechanism would struggle to return the stick to the center position and there would be slack. Admittedly a slack has been mentioned with the G940 but Logitech have (AFAIK) said that this is down to BS, not the stick.

  5. Wait if we use a Logitech G940 system, do we simply let go of the cyclic and let the rudder center before we trim?


    There seems to be an issue with the G940 where the stick, by default, recenters itself when you let go because there is a "deadman" sensor. A user mentioned that he covers his up with sticky tape. Logitech have said that it is a safety measure to stop the stick from flying off the desk.


    I'm not totally sure how the rudder works with the G940 & trim, I suspect you re-center it yourself though.


    There also seems to be some problem atm with the G940 FFB not working at under 20 deg deflection, Logitech have suggested that this might be the game causing this.. again I'm not sure about this being definite.

  6. The sensor isn't odd (the MS FFB2 has the same thing), but what it does when you release it is (centering). The FFB2 simply disables the motors, effectively leaving the stick unsupported. Whether it's then so loose that it can move under its own weight might be down to individual sticks (my example still has enough 'stiction' that it will stay where you put it).


    I would imagine that the centering behaviour should be alterable in the software.


    Having just tried an old MS FFB at work I can confirm the MS stick behaves exactly as you describe. The G940 however, according to blaster, seems to do the opposite "violently" recentering when you take your hand off.. exactly what you don't want!

  7. My current setup is with the Saitek X52 PRO & Saitek rudder pedals. Whilst it works fine with Blackshark (I still tend to use Flight Director) I've longed for the hold feature of FFB and the G940 seemed the perfect solution.


    The G940 is out in a few days and I'm seriously considering buying one.


    The snag is that the only game I would be using it with would be Blackshark and I'm very uncertain as to how well it will work with either the original trimmer or the new trimmer implementation.


    My concern is that you still (apparently) can't disconnect the rudder from the trimmer. My understanding is therefore that the G940 joystick will hold position but I will have to recenter the rudder either quickly (original) or at my leisure (new) but with a lockout on the controls until I do.


    I'm also concerned that the new trimmer implementation won't work at all with the FFB because the joystick will never recenter if trimmed away from neutral.


    I heard that Wags has been testing the G940 but can anyone comment on how well the G940 will work with BS and how BS needs to be setup?

  8. I did have a quick look at making it compatible with Flaming Cliffs. It's possible but ED made some changes in Blackshark to improve the runways. From memory I think, for example, that the transparent overlay for the "scuff" marks isn't possible in FC and the textures are stretched more elsewhere. A forum member did contact me some months ago asking me if I would give my permission for him to convert. I said fine but that's the last I heard.

  9. I'm not quite sure how it will work, but i believe that that everyone can update to the latest DCS standard for each new flyable that ED releases in a new DCS module. The only main difference will be that they can't fly the latest jet/chopper unless they buy it.


    Yes this is what I understood from comments made in 2008. There just hasn't been much mention of it recently or in this thread.:lookaround:

  10. Regarding Grass!


    I started doing the airbase textures because the view on the ground using stock was blurry, low resolution textures.


    I'm aware of the fact that many Russian airbases have a great deal of grass growing between the slabs and made several attempts at putting grass into the joints. I eventually settled on a "moss" effect showing in the joints. This is simply because although from the air I could get the grass to look ok, close to or on the ground it looked awful (imo).


    To get grass to look ok we really need a new DCS graphics engine.

  11. Conveen:


    Maybe we can help you with Modman. Although Modman looks complicated it actually isn't when you install a mod.


    Download the mod, copy it to:


    C:\Games\ModMan\addons_dcs (Or wherever you have installed Modman)


    Run Modman


    It will say "Select game managment"


    Select "DCS series". Click "Apply"


    Click "Mods installer"


    You should see the mod in the main window already selected. At the top right find the button "Install" click it.


    That's it. Exit Modman and run the game as usual.

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