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  1. Thanks, I only designed it, the credit for the amazing build quality goes to my friend who made it It is fully functional now and has been for a while although I have had some longer periods of other games / sims and family time so have not used it as much as I would have liked yet. I am desperate now though, I pre ordered the HP Reverb G2 (G1 was amazing) and got it on day one. unfortunately I returned my graphics card to make way for a 3080Ti which didn't show up when expected and the 3080s are impossible to get! I feel like a drug addict, 'desperate for a hit' waiting to get my GPU so I can get flying again!!! 4 weeks maybe until the 3080Ti if the rumours are correct but whether I can get one is another matter.....
  2. Here it is partially assembled, you can see the motorbike steering damper in the background and the hollow brake disc in place. It's the only part that is mild steel rather than stainless as the electromagnet needs to grip this.
  3. Cool, here's a few more pics. This is the adaptor collar to connect the collective grip to the stainless steel arm. It was really important for me to not modify the original part and make up an adaptor instead as after all, although I will be extending it's life, it's still a collectable to me!
  4. I have the finished product ready to show if anyone is still interested and will get some pictures up soon, just giving this a bump! If anyone is on the fence about getting /building a collective, do it! It's a real game changer for immersion over using my WH throttle, this and Reverb G2 is just amazing
  5. Depends on what your baseline is though. Relative to my 4790k that was £260 7 years ago it's a huge upgrade and represents great value, both intrinsic and financially, the 10900k is now the same price the 9900k was last month which is great to see. Flagship graphics cards on the other hand. I'm still stuck in the days of buying the best in the world for £350 then all of a sudden when I want the best this generation it's £1350! I do have that mindset where I want the latest most expensive hardware (to a certain degree at least / within reason and within the mainstream market) It's part of what makes us enthusiasts. Something I have taken from your last post also is questioning why I don't dust off my Vic-20 and see how it handles DCS in VR. I also have a BBC Micro that I could hook up if someone has the DCS tapes :lol:
  6. But I do kind of feel that there's a culture of us being told we need those extra cores. Who here uses their DCS machine for blender or adobe premier? My 4cyl Audi S3 was a lot faster than my mate's 6cyl 3 series BMW haha :)
  7. I'm not convinced Zen 3 is going to be that much better if at all than 10900k in single threaded situations. Everyone loving on AMD just seems to be an attempt to 'stick it to the man' of the Intel powerhouse.
  8. My friend has just picked up the 10700k so we should have some ideas on performance soon hopefully, he's gone from a 6th gen I5
  9. My last thread went severely off the rails with focus on subjective value rather than first hand accounts of the new 10th gen Intel chips and specifically how they perform in DCS relative to whatever previous hardware you guys had before. So is there anyone here yet with a 10th gen chip? I'd love to read some feedback on first impressions!
  10. For anyone that invested too much in the negative hype and 'drama queen' attitude of some of the tech media outlets this video illustrates that this is not a nuclear power plant :) Skip to 17:00 for a great summarising sentence. :thumbup:
  11. Haha, ah yeah, I read SVSmonkey lol monkey on the brain as my DCS servers are always called "Monkey" There's a car battery company in the UK called Tayna Batteries, at first I wondered who would name a company with girls name.
  12. I was picturing more of a scenario like when I upgraded my RAM for DCS, I have a set manual benchmark in the f 14 free flight, so am familiar with the first 30 seconds characteristics. I swapped the RAM, loaded it back up and grinned for the rest of the day at how much difference the extra 400MHz made (with looser timings I might add as I had 2000MHz DDR 3 CL8 and swapped with 2400MHz CL11 - Yes my first kit was configured to run at those speeds in case anyone tells me it was at 1600MHz or something :thumbup:) I know my frame times using FPS VR, It would take 10 minutes of flying to notice the impact the CPU has so I don't think it's unreasonable to expect people to have fist impressions after a day or 2.
  13. Did anyone notice the thread title haha :lol: I love a good discussion but there seems to be a lot opinions about which CPU to buy, I may have to start a new thread with the same title to discuss 10900k performance with owners of the chip :megalol: The 10900k is objectively a better performance and as we use DCS, those 2 stronger cores out of the box will be a great help to our FPS. Opinions of value etc are all well and good and genuinely interesting but for the OP side of things, I don't care about value, I can afford it, I'm not rich but I could imagine going to buy a Ferrari and someone stopping me on the way to tell me the GTR is only .2 seconds slower 0-60 and £200,000 cheaper. I have £100s in custom water loop hardware so it could be 400w for all I care, I just want shadows on in DCS :joystick: :P People should listen to Milou, he knows the deal and has saved me loads of time in replying lol. The best chip is the 10900k, a 10% boost in the 3900x single threaded is not likely to make the difference although it is worth waiting 2 weeks at this point but in all likelihood, the 10900k will still be the most powerful for my needs. (I'm tired of hearing reviewers tell me AMD is great for productivity, does anyone here actually care professionally and game on the same machine?) MSI suggest that 30% of the 10900k chips will clock significantly higher than stock. It's not unreasonable to buy 2 and re sell the weaker overclocker as tested but barely used, it would still work 100% to advertised specs. Either way, thank you so far for the conversation. I'm still very much looking forward to first hand accounts of this chip in DCS and contrary to some people's opinions, whatever I get at this stage over my 7 year old CPU is going to be a great all round upgrade - Fast DDR4, 1Tb nvme 5+GHz and shadows on :pilotfly:
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