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  1. Well Guys, There is good news - after about 4 weeks of no luck - I think you guys solved it !! Checked all the double settings where some mappings were also set to my button box as well as the HOTAS. Have been aware of the 'Easy Flight Model/ Game function' - so that was not it. However, the 'Game Avionic' was selected... so deselected that and had a go at resetting most of the functions...... and it worked. I can now use the throttle fully, raise / lower the wheels, use the nose wheel brake and the speed brake (all of which were either not working or a bit dodgy. So I think it was probably the Game Avionic function that was causing all the problems. Took off and did my first landing (rough but survivable and taxied back into the lines)... now to learn how to actually fly it. Thanks again to all of you who spent the time helping out - much appreciated Paul/taffy001
  2. Thanks guys - been away for a few days... I'll take a look at those things and see if there is some conflict there.. I'll report back Paul
  3. Hi Deano, And thanks for keeping up with this.... I have checked the Game/Sim controller functions and game realism settings. Tried them both, but seems the Sim has more controller options available so sticking with that for now. I'm also looking at upgrading from Win 7 to Win 10 at the moment as I have some Oculus Rift upgrade problems as well (since the recent update). I am working with Oculus on that but no luck there - so might just bite the bullet and do a fresh install of Win 10 and reload everything (I also race on iRacing and other driving and VR stuff - so a bit of effort required to get it all setup again - so still thinking about it (has been 5 years on Win 7 without any fresh installs) !! Thanks again, Paul
  4. Hi Deano, Yes I have done that - only odd thing is that even when I delete those files and go back to the controller setup, the stick axis controls are already there (yaw/pitch etc) - maybe it does that by default ??? What is strange though is that the keyboard functions (which are already there) do not work...and I have deleted and reset them - again with no luck....Maybe the Hornet is not for me !!! Maybe I need to completely reinstall DCS from scratch - don't have anything in there that I cannot fix (only the 3 aircraft)and just a few replays.....
  5. Hi Deano87, Sadly I have got nowhere.....gone through the bunch of processes - reinstalled the FA18 twice but still no joy...really strange. In the setting/controller inputs, I can bind keys to functions (then even press the key and it returns to the particular function so it seems to be binding). But once in game no reaction from the buttons (even the G on the keyboard does not work) And for some reason - just seems to be with the Hornet (I have the Spit and Huey modules and they work fine) So I am at a complete loss at the moment (just tried it all again and no joy) Taffy
  6. Thanks bbrz and Deano87, I’ll run through all your suggestions and see how I go and report back, Taffy
  7. Thanks Marc, Much appreciated...will give that a try Taffy
  8. Hi guys, Just a simple one...I am having lots of problems with the F/A-18 module...can I simply remove it in the module manager and then reinstall / download it again from DCS ? (at no cost of course)..don’t want to remove without knowing the answer first Thanks in advance
  9. Wheels / gear problem Thanks Darseeth, I tried all that today - deleted any functions in Game Tab - made sure Game Mode was off and then reset all keys in the F18 Sim Mode But no joy - Throttle works / Stick works - I can taxi and take off but just cannot get some other functions working.... Just to make sure I have it correct - I assume "Landing Gear Control Handle - UP means bring the wheels up as that is what I am using. Do you need to set another function prior to make this happen ... a lock release maybe ??? Wheels will not come up, Speed Brake will not work and wheel brakes do not work ...Tried some alternative buttons - but still no joy. And cannot even get the above functions to work with the standard default keyboard settings... Maybe I need to submit a ticket to DCS .... Would the repair thing work ??? Taffy
  10. Hornet wheel/landing gear binding issues Thanks BIGNEWEY, I have tried those and tried to bind to buttons on joystick/throttle and button box with no success. Just seems a number of functions just will not bind (landing gear and wheel brake for instance).. I am not sure why - maybe I need to uninstall and reinstall the Hornet - can that be done ???? or is that to much effort It is really strange as I have no problems binding any function with the Spitfire and Huey - just the Hornet... Still confused Taffy
  11. Hi Guys, Have just bought the Hornet and having a few problems with retracting the Landing Gear (and putting it down) - Have tried with a number of buttons on stick and throttle (cheap Thrustmaster HOTAS) and external button box and the keyboard (G) but nothing seems to work - am I doing something wrong here - am I missing something obvious here ??? Am operating in sim mode Could anyone just run through the key binding process for the landing gear for me to make sure I know what I am doing as other actions seem to work OK. Being ex RAAF love the Hornet Thanks in advance....Taffy
  12. FIXED. Hi Guys, Bit of a problem today - I opened DCS in VR which was fine, then in settings unticked the VR option and it crashed.... Now when I open DCS it opens directly into the hanger in VR and there is no menu screen - so cannot go any further... have repeated this a number of times and still the same. tried the cleanup and repair options - went through all OK but still same problem when I open (hanger but no menus) Been just great up to today - any help gratefully taken... Taffy Fixed the problem ( found a solution in the VR section)..... deleted the options.lua file, ran a clean and repair and the menu is back......thanks to those who posted that solution... Taffy
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