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  1. Hi, I would like to know if there is a problem with the radio communications or is it me who doesn't know how to use it. In fact, no matter what I am doing, I cannot communicate with my flight or wingman during a mission. I would need some help. Regards
  2. Hi, I am a 50+ French (area of Paris) and I am searching for a squadron that would still fly with AJS-37. I am still training with Mirage 2000C so I would be ready at one point to go also for this plane. Best regards, Tancrede
  3. Hi, In the making of a small training scenario with the AJS-37, I planned an airfield attack defended by some SAM systems (Tunguska and Shilka). On the top of a mountain located in the vicinity, I put an EWR that was group to those SAMs. I would like to know if the SAM systems will be inform by the EWR that it detected the coming Viggen. Tancrede
  4. Fantastic! My last experience with a SAM (a Roland system) shooting at an Il-76. The plane was still flying on with no engine left and fire coming from the hull. Sorry but no sreenshot.
  5. Ok and thanks for the info. is it going to be fix sometimes?
  6. Hi, Don't know if already asked, but I would like to know what some of you think about the efficiency of the missile of the Rapier in DCS World. In a simple training mission I made for myself, I put an Il-76 overflying at 10.000 feet an airbase defended by a Rapier system. the system detected the plane, shot all its four missiles without doing any major damages to the Il-76. The plane flew away without any problem depiste the fact of being hit four times. Is it normal? Tancrede
  7. Hi, I am very interested in the radar network modelization in DCS World. I already saw that there is many radar systems modelized but not as much as I though. For exemple, I am a bit surprise that the Russian Spoon Rest is not modelized in DCS World as this type of radar is very much in use in many countries. And what about GM-400 from Thales? Is there a restrain due to lack of knowledge?
  8. Hi, I am also interested in such group. I am a bit over fifty French guy and I fly since last April with AJS-37 (so I am a newbie). I am a veteran of Black Shark back in 2008 but haven't fly since many years). I really love DCS.
  9. After, looking at this thread, it would seems that the fix has been done. The thing is that even if this sim is very good, the lack of afterburner put a bit down the feeling of realism.
  10. Hi, I purchased AJS-37 last march (a very good sim btw) but I noticed that the afterburner effects (even on 3rd stage) on this plane are rather small. Is it like this in real life with this plane or is it a lack in the software (purposely or not)? Thanks for your answers
  11. First, thanks for your answers. Il think I had the same kind of problem when using the mission editor. I had set up a US ground-base air surveillance radar on the top of a hill, near an airbase, and I was the Russian opponent with an KA-50. I never was quite sure that the radar worked and gave data to their own air defense systems as it seems that they were very passive or taken by surprise by the on-going attack.
  12. Hello, Just a small question about radar systems in DCS world. Are they really working/radiating or else, doing there job of detecting aircrafs and missiles or are they only there for esthetic considerations? Thanks for your answers, Tancrede
  13. I do have 8 G of RAM. Thanks for your answers
  14. As I am getting Win 7 64 for A-10C, I would like to know if BS is also compatible (or doesn’t meet any problem) with 64 bits?
  15. I do agree that destroying a tank with the 30 mm gun is not very realistic but what interested me is the damages that you can generate to the tank, ex.: optic and laser equipments, engine, machine gun, tracks, … Is the “secondary” damages model in this sim?
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