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  1. I'ved posted it up http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=9998 Feel free to add more details in there. I think beta testers using nvidia cards should try and assist if possible in this matter. Cheers
  2. I'ved posted it up http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=9998 Feel free to add more details in there. I think beta testers using nvidia cards should try and assist if possible in this matter. Cheers
  3. I recall think was version 67.xx did not had that shadow bug. Then again that version is too old for todays gamming. You should consider reporting your findings here; http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showforum=22 I think that's the only course of action we as consumer have... Only Dev can report directly to Nvidia (I think) and try to find a work around to this well known issue. Hope its gets addressed. Cheers
  4. Wow, it’s been 2 years already? How time flies with Lomac. Happy birthday Lomac. :beer:
  5. Humm dont know, kind of love that last pic with the debris and stuff:p
  6. If your looking for and Intense Combat flight simulator. Especially online. Then this is for you. True, there is a learning curve. But, that’s part of the enjoyment. As for Starforce. I for one never had no issues with this protection schema. This community is always willing to assist in a helping hand if you respect what this “Game” is. For myself it’s all about having fun and learning at the same time. Installation procedures are pretty simple. If you do, get it. Then have fun and cya up their in the Lomac sky’s. Cheers
  7. I reckon I’ll wait until 1.2 comes out before I make a decision if trackIr4 is right for me. TrackIr3 Pro with the Vector Expansion is good enough toy for me for now. Still enjoying it, still a new and extreme experience for me. I would no longuer fly Lomac without it. Flew Lomac without it for 1 year and half or so, well since Lomac came out (how times fly). Hat switching. True, flyable with hat switching, but now. Nah. Natural point is the way to go if you want the intense immersion feeling of this flight sim. I actually bought it for the incoming 1.2. Never cross my mind they would come out with trackIr4. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. For all of you that don’t have this toy, for whatever reason. You need to get one. That’s the only thing I can say about it. To extreme. With this new hardware. It’s a new sim. As you can see, I’m extremely satisfied as their customer, lol. Park the mouse and the hat switching. Put your head in the game. LOL. To true. Thanks Natural point for providing hardware to give us the hardware to complete the ensemble for our immersion. I do intend to get the TrackIr4 and would recommend it to any flight simmer anytime. True I have not tried it, but with the results I have with the trackIr 3 pro model. I expect very good results. Cheers:cool:
  8. Looks intense. If I would of known. I would of have waited before purchasing my trackIr3 Pro with expansion. But I reckon it will serve its purpose for know. Unless I get a good price for my new toy, anyone interested in purchasing a trackIr3 Pro with vector clip and track hat, fairly new, around 3 weeks old. Still have the box and receipt, Paid 280$ Canadian with shipping cost and taxes. I’ll make you a deal if your interested, then PM me, so I can get the trackIr4. Anyhow waiting with anticipation for the Ka50 to come to life. Keep up the good work Ed. Cheers
  9. Thanks Curli. It gives a nice touch selecting payloads :cool: I've tried the F4 ones also. Both good I might add. But I'm more incline with Curli's on this one. :icon_wink Comme ils disent en bon français québécois, belle "job" Cheers,
  10. I Too. l only play online...Isn’t there where all the RL action is...
  11. Ok you raise my doubts. If it’s true then I do offer apologies. But facts remain. It’s too weird to be so …. Man we need this type of protection back on as soon as possible. True the real cheaters might find ways around them. But we need to put blocking blocks around them….If not online playing will, my fear, take a major dive…
  12. I reckon we need to get these host classification back soon as possible or the online community will suffer to greatly… And this is bad news…. Really bad news, hearing this crap going on. Stick to the server rules or... Sad to see that some have to use extremes measures to try to get the upper hand. As would and old Mister ”T” would say.
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