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  1. ok ok I´m a jarhead, already copy the initial folder to drive E and its working.. thank you!!
  2. Sorry man, how do I do that? Because the installer is not giving me the option to change the path to the E drive...this is a fresh install by the way
  3. Hi guys i´m trying to install dcs in my Drive E but the dcs installer automatically choses the ssd C as the path of game instalation, I dont have enough space to put DCS in there... Does anyone knows a way to install DCs in my E drive?
  4. Mig 29 S...so how do I track multiple targets in the Mig29 S or its Automatic like in the F15C?
  5. Is it possible to engage in multiple air tragets with TWS and the R-77s?
  6. Ok now my HD has 130 free GB Should I set preloaded terrain?
  7. DxDiag.txt Im already playing dcs 2.6 but only goes to 12 FPS
  8. Hi I have a very low end pc and dont have money to buy another, wanting to Play Dcs 2.6 I was wondering if theres a way to Play It on dx9,10 or 11?
  9. Im done with 2.7, 9 to 12 FPS makes the Game unplayable, I downgraded to 2.5 and trying diferrent settings by editibg the config graphis file in order to get at least 20 FPS
  10. I use 2.7 with some low textures mod I made Up myself but already downgraded to 2.5, the Game was only going to 12 FPS even tough its pretty amazing for a C2D
  11. Hi Im currently playing Dcs world with a core2 Duo 3.06ghz E7500 and works fine with 8 GB RAM and Nvidia gt1030 but Im a bit concern about the procesor because Dcs uses frm 50% to 90% most of the time and muy question Is if I keep playing Dcs It Will be bad for my CPU?
  12. Hi, im playing dcs world 1.5 and when I activate my modules (M2000C,F15C,Su-27) the program ask for an activation code for each module, anyone knows where I can find this information? I have already go to my licenses and only the details of the shop appear in the list but not the key that wich I need.
  13. After completing thousands of hours flying the F14,F18,F16 and 50 hours with the Mirage and beating all challenges I just realized that I have reached the end point in this remarkable simulator that I tinked will never reach. Now Dcs has achieved great things simulating G forces and many variables that make the fly experience 99% realistic so what about if ED developers team starts to work on a space engine? I know that it must be really complicated to develop realistic space engineering and also get the blueprints of the orbiters, probes, satellites that NASA and other spacial agencies have launched along the last 52 years but this will be surely attracting the attention on many people, media and even unwanted attention from gov agencies. Just to make things clear, im just a noob and I don't know if is even possible to licence a orbiter, rocket or even the spare parts im just a awake dreamer with infinite curiosity. Cheers mates!!!
  14. Hi, Im wanting to change the JF17 Cockpit Local point in views lua but when I modify the first 2 values (x,z) the cockpit stays on the same place!!! anyone knows how to move the cockpit local point? Admin Pls move the topic to JF17 sorry!!
  15. Dude Like really a dream come true becuase before February 15 I´ll be able to get the 59.99U$ to buy the F16 or the F18C...but also im intrested in the Mirage and the F5 so ill be testing them. To ED dinamycs team if you guys are reading this....Thank you very much and blessings to all of you!!!
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