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Training missions: Missile won't fire


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Greetings all, first post.


I downloaded DCS World yesterday and have been playing through the Su-25T training missions - all went well until I got to the first of the guided-missile/Shkval missions. I followed the instructions carefully, did everything I was supposed to (and tried it twice in case I had just been dumb the first time) but despite getting a good lock on the tank on the airfield, the missile consistently wouldn't fire when I pressed the trigger. All the indications on the Shkval screen were as they should be according to the training narration. I switched to guns and fired a few rounds to check that the trigger wasn't broken but it was fine. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? I'm new to DCS so I wouldn't be surprised if it's an ID-10T error :smilewink:


Edit: Yeah, it's as I thought, I was being dumb. Wasn't pressing the trigger for long enough. Never mind.

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