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Afterburner questions

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Afterburner questions


1. If I leave the afterburner switch on ON but fly with less throttle, does the afterburner still have any effect on the plane? Or should it always be turned off even if no full 100% thrust is used?




20. Negative g-loads may be developed for not longer than:

(a) 15 s at non-reheat engine settings;

(b) 5 s at reheat settings;

© 3 s at second reheat setting.

21. Flight with g-loads approximating zero (±0.2 g) should not last

for longer than 1 -2 s.

WARNING Negative or near-zero g-load flight is allowed provided

the tanks contain at least 500 L of fuel

22. Repeated application of negative or near-zero g-


2. What are the "reheat" settings?

3. How to restart the engine when it shuts off from 0G?

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