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AI Activation Queue


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I've spent a lot of time spanning AI activation out so there's no impact to the client.



With 'Late Activation' of more than 3 AI simultaneously, the client app freezes while the activated AI perform targeting and similar actions all at once.



Provide an Late Activation Queue - If I activate 10 AI simultaneously, each AI unit (not group) is added to an activation queue that allows each one to perform targeting, etc before the next as they activate. This will result in them activating one at a time very quickly, in series rather than in parallel.

It's a good thing that this is Early Access and we've all volunteered to help test and enhance this work in progress... despite the frustrations inherent in the task with even the simplest of software... otherwise people might not understand that this incredibly complex unfinished module is unfinished. /light-hearted sarcasm

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