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How to make a unit emit for a navigational beacon


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How can I get a unit to broadcast a signal that the Huey/Mi-8/Ka50 can tune into for navigation? I see that units have an option called "deactivate beacon", but can't find anything like "activate beacon".

Add advanced waypoint actions:

- Set Command: Set Frequency (double check that AM/FM is set correctly for the radio / frequency you intend to use)

- Set Command: transmit message


I think, "deactivate beacon" is only used to disable TACAN of a tanker.

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If you want to use ADF for specific units, You'll need to use the ARK-UD, or the R-828, I'd advise using the ARK-UD, its a bit simpler.


You'll have to pick a valid frequency for the ARK-UD, it has 6 channels that are tuned to the following frequencies

CH1: 114.167

CH2: 114.333

CH3: 114.584

CH4: 121.500

CH5: 123.100

CH6: 124.100


Setup a trigger to perform the action "Radio transmission"


Imp has some good screenshots of how to make it work here.




Imp said he was not able to get it to work with a single trigger, but I was able to make it work by setting a once trigger, with the condition "Time is more than 10" and the action "Radio Transmission".


I'm not really clear on the kind of setup you need to make an NDB if you're trying to setup one of them instead of a search and rescue beacon, but I imagine it's just a matter of setting the right frequencies so the ARK-9 will be able to receive it (150 kHz - 1290 kHz according to the mi-8 flight manual). You'll also want to make sure that there isn't a NDB already using the same frequency.

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