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[NOT BUG] Mig 21 1.2.15 OpenBeta trim problem.


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Good day.

I use Thrustmaster HOTAS warthog.

I have found that when I trim pitch to some direction then I am not able to fully deflect elevators in opposite direction.


That was like that before and as far as I know is affecting the other aircraft as well.


The problem here (or the reason why it is the way like this) is that you have to simulate trim without actually being able to shift the re-centering point of the joystick (as long as there is no FFB involved).


For example:

100% full forward deflection of the joystick hits the maximum forward limit

0% deflection is the mechanical center of the joystick

-100% full backwards deflection of the joystick hits the maximum backwards limit

If you don't trim the joystick deflection percentage equals the deflection percentage of the simulator input (the deflection of the simulated joystick).


However, let's assume you are holding the joystick at -10% backwards deflection. Now you want the trim this out and you depress the "Nose Up" trim. You will slowly bring your joystick to the 0% deflection position which means that you are trimmed.

However, by doing that, your real joystick and the simulator input are now off by 10%. These 10% are missing or too much when you reach the end of the deflection areas.


For example, if you now push your stick fully forward, it might be at 100% deflection, however the simulated joystick is only at 90%.

If you pull your stick to -90% backwards, the simulated joystick already is at -100% deflection.



This is pretty much the only way too do trimming with currently used joysticks. The only real solution too that is a force-feedback joystick which has the capability to represent the real stick deflection during the whole movement range at all trim settings.



The Huey and the Mi-8 as well as the other airframes are affected by this as well.

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