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Non backers access to DCS WWII: Europe 1944

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Afternoon all.


How do you get it?


I noted the Kickstarter page and that it's all over. So... yeah. Ahem.


For those of us that want in but missed the rush? What of us?


Having flown around Chernogorsk in the spitfire care of "the few" I am quite

keen to try flying a BETTER one around/over/in the Channel... care of DCS.


Being quite happy to PAY for good kit I am see no reason why those with

cash can't just buy in as per the norm. And I am sure there are others in the same position.

(eager but sans the kite...)


Dash it, it's just not cricket.


Kind regards to all and thank goodness for miss Shilling!




PS. I am really glad people can read, that is tops, but can you write? If you can help

please jot something down! Don't be shy! :)




I just read the "DCS WWII: 1944 FAQ".



So, right, er, yeah,er. Tea anyone?

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Fuel starvation under negative G conditions
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hi there GT, cheers for the reply.


Second go at writing reply. I got un logged in the process... ???


Yes. Right I see. Ok. darn it.


I guess I will focus on the p52 in the mean time.... Reading the RL manual.

Absorbing stuff. a bit short in my opinion. need more stuff to read :)


have anice day!



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