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Spawning an aircraft near another one.


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Hi !


I searched this forum (thank you very much for your hard work, some of your scripts changed my life ;) ), but didn't find my answer.



I've got many troubles with my internet connexion, causing some reboots in the middle of a flight. It's quite much annoying considering that I fly in Kamov, and unfortunately, there is no way to have better. What I'd wish to do is :


- There still is one player on the server.

- To spawn a yet existing AI Kamov (which I would activate via trigger just before) in a zone around this Kamov.

- Then I take control with CA.....


I yet tried some functions, like the sct.teleportInZone for example, but the issue is still the same : How to permanently attach a zone to an unit ?


If it's not possible, is that possible to generate zones ? Then I may just have to generate a zone on the friend's Kamov, then run the teleportation.


I'm currently learning the .lua, but I really don't know how to do this at this time. I think it may not be too hard to do for some of you ?




THank you very much for your answers ;)



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