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downloading FC problem

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**********(sort of a long e-mail)***************

Hi all,

I'm new to this website so please bare with me, i need some help that someone could know what to do. I brought the downloaded verison of FC from this website and am having trouble downloading it. When i go to Files-->downloads section and click on download (for FC) and pick a mirror page to download, then next screen goes white and saids Done on the very bottem left side of the page next to a internet icon. I back up and tried another mirror site and it did the same thing. I've already e-mail the webmast support section but haven't heard from them. So to make a long story short...LOL... does anyone know any tips on how i can get the mirror pages download all the way and how i can get my game???

Thanks for the time! :helpsmilie: :helpsmilie: :helpsmilie:

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