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A few things related to graphic, multiplayer and mission editor


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First of all, good job with the update, I am really happy with performance (only a little FPS hit when using the TV screen on the Su-25) but overall FPS are a lot better than the old version.




Now, starting the bug/problems:



Graphics: I've encountered a weird graphic glitch related to heatblur from exhaust, I tried a quick mission with the Su-27 and when I was chasing the F-16 in close range I saw that the heat from the exhaust distorts the HUD, I am not into optical reflection thingies neither I experienced such view IRL but Isn't the heat supossed to distort the background from it and not the things in front? If I am wrong on this one please excuse me.


Editor: I've found that you cannot move the map by clicking and dragging, only zooming in and out works to move arround. Also when you try to make a new loadout the screen will just close and return to the new map when right clicking an empty store (to open payload list and select one)


Multiplayer: This have been reported but again, mouse cursor is appearing all the time.



Yet again, thanks for the update.


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