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How real is this

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If I fly at 10 meters altitud (with the su27/33, haven´t tested with other planes) the ranger from where Im detected decreases very much. But here comes the "magic". At 9 meter altitud, no mater how close I get to my enemy, he can´t sustain a lock on me. He gets a lock and launch his missile. Of course I get the launch warning, but a second later, my enemy looses his lock and the missile destroys itself (in this example Im talking in a vs oliver perry and other US ships scenary). This technic let´s me get real real close to them, and Im talking real close: I can get close enogh to see their gun shots on me, and have room enogh to make a quick maneouver and sink them with bombs.


Is this real or is a bad modelled feature? Would the lock be "useless" if I fly at 9 meters?


If anybody request it, I can make a track of this

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This isn't realistic, no. A radar will happily track you down to zero altitude (after all, how do you think you can track moving cars on radar? Or anything, in fact?)


It would be realistic if the cause of this behaviour was the radar horizon, but clutter alone is probably just not good enough to cause this problem - you will likely always be flying above most clutter anyway.


That said, what is not realistic is the consistant loss of lock *especially* for the more modern systems - reduction of detection range, on the other hand, is quite realistic.


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