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w2k8 r2 + CPU issue

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Hi folks, just sharing.

I found and resolved a huge CPU problem on my test dedicated server I wanted to share with you. It's founded in software but I only noticed it after changing my dedicated server hardware so its one of those driver/OS hardware and patch issue thingies that only affect some people, some hardware and some configurations. I'm also running server 2008 R2 because my work gave me a fantastic MSDN account that lets me.


The issue was the Windows file:



Which was contributing to making the server run at 40-50% CPU but its only itself taking 4-8% and the rest of the CPU was coming from DCS.exe. In fact this little file was making it appear to be a performance problem in the sound engine from DCS.



Obviously on a dedicated server you do not need sound, but if you installed Windows on a workstation class hardware like many of us do, you may find you installed all the drivers and by default sound is enabled.




The solution is to disable the sound sources in the playback menu and ensure the file doesn't run. I'm back to DCS 1.12 CPU performance now having thought there was some 1.5 DCS related performance issues.



There are lots of Google hits for this and various hardware or MS patches, the symptom is likely to stem from a variety of root causes so no point in really chasing it.



HTH someone.



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