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F-117 in FlamingCliffs


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Guest IguanaKing

Yup...still happens. Oh...but didn't you know?...Stealth is nothing but hype. :D Unfortunately though, with the suicidal mission planning that has taken place in most campaigns that I have seen for the A-10...maybe mission planning for the F-117 is equally bad. There seem to be two extreme schools of thought, and they are often both used by stealth bashers...one is to say that stealth has no tactical value (which is completely idiotic), and these same people often prove their point with an illustration of what can happen when people, just like them, attribute magical qualities to LO technology and wrongly assume it is totally invisible (again...complete idiocy). Try planning your own missions, and take into account what is know of the F-117s RCS and the capabilities of the air defenses. I'm willing to bet you'll be able to get quite a bit closer with your F-117s than with other aircraft. If you make a flight plan directly over the target, down the throat of an S-300 radar (The 64N6E Big Bird has some pretty damn good eyes, if he sees you, he hands you off to Flap Lid and Clam Shell which will kill you), or below 14,000' over the target area...yeah...you're gonna get nailed. Granted, enemy AD reaction time is a little bit superior to the level of super-human, but there ARE differences, and you CAN adapt your tactics based on the RCS of the platform assigned to the task.

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