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OT: New EECH movie to show what can be done with helos


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This movie sucks!


My Sim/Game CV: Falcon 1,3,4. Gunship. A10 TankKiller. Fighter Bomber. Strike eagle 2&3. F19 Stealth Fighter. F117. Wings. F29 Retaliator. Jetfighter II. F16 Fighting Falcon. Strike Commander. F22 Raptor. F16MRF. ATF. EF2000. Longbow 1&2. TankKiller2 Silent Thunder. Hind. Apache Havoc. EECH. EAW. F22 ADF. TAW. Janes WW2,USAF,IAF,F15,F18. F18 Korea. F18 Super Hornet. B17 II. CFS 2. Flanker 2&2.5. BOB. Mig Alley. IL2. LOMAC. IL2FB. FC2. DCS:BS. DCS:A10C.

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