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[1.5.5 Beta] CCRP Release without consent


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First, thank you for this great update, I can't wait to try out all the new stuff :thumbup:


This being said, it seems there is a bug with the CCRP release. Apparently, after having dropped bombs once, subsequent bombing passes will see the selected number of bombs being released as soon as the trigger is pressed, and then one more bomb released as the release point is reached.


I have attached a very short track that shows it.

8 Mk-82, RIP QTY 02, RIP INT 00.


- 1st pass, 2 bombs are released as planned when release solution is reached (they hit slightly short, but that is probably another problem). Bombs left: 6.


- 2nd pass, 2 bombs are released as soon as I press the trigger to give consent, and then one more is released at the cue. Bombs left: 3.


- 3rd pass, exactly like the 2nd one; 2 + 1 bombs are released.


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Looks like a variable needs to be reset somewhere... ;)



* sigh * I'll check and fix.

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