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how do i add skins


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Go to DCS mainpage and select Downloads/User Files


You might want to change the Files from 10 to 100


Use the filter

File Type = skins

Game = DCS: M-2000C

Hit the Filter button


Download the skins you want


Next you need to unzip the the files, some will probably be .zip others .rar

I recommend that you download and install 7Zip a free package that will allow you to unzip both .zip & .rar, by simply picking the folder and right clicking then selecting 7 Zip Extract Files


Linky for 7 Zip http://www.7-zip.org/download.html


After the skins are unzipped then you need to check if the relevant skin, is packaged as JSGME ready or just the skin. If it's JSGME ready you need to navigate down through the file structure until you come to the folder that contains the skin files.


Anyway what you should end up with for any skin you want to install is a folder that contains the skin files and not any folders within folders.


Once you have done that you want to install said skins in your "Users/yourfilename/Saved Games/DCS (or DCS.openalpha or DCS.openbeta, depending on the version you are running)/Liveries"


When you go into there you may, or may not find a folder labelled M-2000C, if its not there then simply create it.


Dump the skins in there and you should be good to go. Remember that skins are country dependent so if the skin is specified for a particular country it may not show if you do not have the correct country specified.


I did a very bad and too long video to show what to do for the Bf-109K4 if you can understand my bad Glaswegian accent, then it may help show how its done.


Writing it down makes it seem much more complicated than it really is to do




Hope that helps

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