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Tutorial button/switch markers problem


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Hey all


I'm playing through the A-10C tutorial missions again, to refresh myself on what I had learnt, but the markers for the buttons/switches aren't working.


They're are floating instead of being locked onto the actual button/switch they're indicating.


I'm running a multi-monitor setup, with 3 monitors, a 900x1080 portrait monitor, a 1920x1080 landscape monitor (my primary) and a 480x276 Android tablet.


The tutorials work fine if I am using just 1 monitor (so I lose the use of the other 2) or if I set the game to use the 1 Screen config (but then it stretches the entire main view across all 3 of my monitors).


Is there anyway I can fix this or am I doomed to using just 1 monitor for the tutorials?


EDIT - I checked and this isn't just limited to the A-10, the Ka-50 tutorials also exhibit the same issue and I'm guessing all the others do also...



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