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A-10C cockpit dimensions directly from inside DCS?


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Greetings folks!


TL;DR- I'm building an A-10C cockpit exclusively for DCS in Oculus Rift. As such, I will be using the buttons and switches blind, looking at their VR counterparts (augmented reality where are you!?) so it occurs to me that matching the actual rendered dimensions of the cockpit in-game might give better results than attempting to replicate the real cockpit as closely as possible.


I intend to use Dimebug and others excellent work to make this a somewhat quick initial build but is it possible to obtain exact measurements from inside DCS A-10C?




Full version:


After a restless night of research I think I've decided to build my cockpit out as an A10-C instead of the P-51, not that I may not eventually wind up doing both =P.


This decision was reached mostly based on DCS community members telling me how much they love the A-10C and the fact that the available campaigns really appeal to me.


I will be doing some initial experiments with @dimebug 's plans in VR once I get home from Holiday, but in the meantime I'm stuck out of town at the in-laws trying to make "progress" with nothing available to me but a very slow laptop, hence my flurry of forum activity the past ten hours or so LOL.


As per the TL;DR section I'm thinking that working directly from the DCS in-engine dimensions for the A-10C cockpit might work better for a tactile cockpit built for VR than any other (real thing etc.) dimensions so I'm wondering if anyone can provide dimensional info directly from DCS?


Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays all!




Demo of my 6DOF Motion VR Sim:

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This was basically the entire motivation for me starting my Blender Import/Exporter: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=178430.


The published release version doesn't yet load the A-10C cockpit, but if you know how, the in-development version should load it, and direct measurements can be taken on the actual in-game model (I don't believe there is any in-game scaling usually, but there potentially could be, so you might need a separate reference length).

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