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Assign one key/axis to two commands

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Hello everyone,


Since the last updates I can't set any axis or key for two different commands. For example, I set my TrackIr_Z axis as "camera move forward/backward"(In german it's called originaly: "Absolute Kamera vor/zurück schieben") and "zoom-view", because my monitor is too small to spot ground vehicles and I still wanted to move my virtual head on the Z-axis in the cockpit. But now this is no longer possible.


I don't know if this is intentious or if it is a new bug, but I need such double assignments. Further I'm not sure in which patch this was added, I'll check that tomorrow.


Please share your thoughts about this problem and if anyone knows a solution, I'd be very happy to fly again as usual. Maybe the problem is sitting in front of my computer? :smilewink:



P.s. Sorry for the bad english! I'll post the same in the german support forum.

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