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"July 1944 to May 1945 – Daylight bomber escorts, Operation Bodenplatte, the achievement of air superiority, jet combat and the final victory in Europe.


The Fighter Command War Diaries series is a unique account of RAF Fighter Command’s role in WWII and forms a complete record of every operation and every loss and claim for enemy aircraft destroyed.

Each volume continues to analyse each day’s fighting including details of the Luftwaffe’s activity, significant combats, biographies of the top aces and orders of battle.

The publication of the fifth and final volume of this mammoth work brings the series to a total of 2,000 pages of detailed information that will become a vital reference source for historians far into the future. The definitive and authoritative nature of this mammoth work assures its place in many reference libraries."


"For most days of November 1944, it says Fighter Command (the RAF fighters units still based in England) escorted RAF heavy bombers to Germany, providing numbers for some days (97 Spitfires and 48 Mustangs on the 1st, for example)."


Should be a good book for setting scenarios.

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