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Co-op Blindsided Rev4 [Open beta]


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Doing a few beta test runs today (09.01.2017) of the 4th revision of Blindsided co-op mission (https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1553289&postcount=9).


"Scramble! and defend Batumi airdrome against a surprise attack by well armed insurgents. Then take the battle to them."


Few primary things to be tested


- New tasking / mission status engine

- Endless randomized air to air combat

- CSAR taskings

- Overall testing of the A2G mission scripting


As the mission has been well liked I've been working on getting a few new features implemented and the mission updated to modern DCS versions. The last update was a few years back and I've pushed it along on and off since then. Could use a few pilots or a group even to assist in getting the latest version published, so feel free to join in!


Pilots of all skill levels welcome, if knowing your aircraft is advisable. Be aware that the mission features the challenge of an active threat, and being overrun is a possibility rather than dealing with a static enemy. Assets like mavericks are limited in quantity, so use them wisely.


Server details


Server name: Co-op Blindsided Rev4 [Open Beta]

DCS version: 1.5.X

Slots available: 16

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