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N00b: Exporting Snap Views to second monitor possible?


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Gents - after a couple months I think I have my Obutto Revolution cockpit the way I want it, my MFG Crosswinds on the way, three monitors across the top and one little one below the center - which I'd like to use with Helios to export instruments. I'm reading up on Helios and FAQs for that etc, and will likely take a while to get the hang of writing LUAs to do what I want, and thats looking pretty promising...


That being said, and I apologize if this is a stupid question, because I'm a texture artist, not a coder - is there a way to export a saved snap view in a specific acft's cockpit to my little lower monitor, e.g. save a snap view of the Spitfire's HSI and the lower instruments (my center monitor is an ultrawide) so that I'm not looking down so far w/ TrackIR and going heads down too often?


I've got a 1070 onboard with an i7 so plenty of horsepower, I'm just new to multi-monitor configs in DCS.


Greatly appreciate any comments pointing me in the right direction to learn my way around this stuff, hopefully this isn't a question you guys are sick or hearing asked, I did search but found little/nothing on the topic.

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