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Some Flight Dynamics questions..


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Hi guys,


I just got this module last week, and have had practically no time to learn anything at all. Set the axis, and some controller buttons in my T16000 + old X.52 TQ and Saitek Rudder pedals.


I don't even know if using the "cheat" startup sequence it automatically activates the SAS in all channels, but I believe it does. It's really easy to control, although very sensitive in the right spot to get into IGE on takeoff. All of a sudden, and as I very slowly rise the collective, it jumps right and starts rising... I would expect a more gradual transition ( ? ). I am using the default settings on the collective axis, linear, but have turned it into "slider" mode. Should I keep it at the default one ?


Then, my question is more towards the sensitivity in the cyclic roll axis. Wow, in the UH-1H and the Mi-8, if I stupidly wave the cyclic in roll to one side like it should never be done IRL, the roll rate is there, intense, but certainly not to the point of making be perform an axial roll, something I can easily do in the Gazelle, even starting from an almost hovering situation !


Is this true about the real Gazelle ?


I would also like to take this chance to ask you who have been using this excellent module for a while to point out the main flight dynamics issues, TODO items in this particular area, and the positives :-)

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