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Laser code can be changed mid-flight


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I had a brainfart last night and decided to test a theory, and it works.

Half bug half exploit. But I am pretty sure this is unwanted functionality (although I like it on Blue Flag :D ).


Normally, you can only change the laser code if the engine is turned off. AFAIK, To simulate ground crew grabbing a screwdriver and changing it physically.


If you shut down your engine in-flight, you can change the code without any problems and restart the engine, and only lose ~5000ft in the progress. :pilotfly:

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Haha, okay, I'll have to add a weight on wheels check as well it seems :)

"Witness mere F-14s taking off from adjacent flight decks, gracefully canting left and right, afterburners flaming, and there’s something that sweeps you away—or at least it does me. And no amount of knowledge of the potential abuses of carrier task forces can affect the depth of that feeling. It simply speaks to another part of me. It doesn’t want recriminations or politics. It just wants to fly.”

― Carl Sagan

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