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DCS World 2 Video: Superbowl Sunday Spitfire


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DCS World 2 Video: Superbowl Sunday Spitfire https://youtu.be/ZKLj_-w3lH4?t=1s


Our Spitfire LF MK IXc lifts off from Jean Airport. We climb out, working our way toward Lake Mead. Near Lake Mead we perform a little aerial acrobatics. We circle Hover Dam, then head to Boulder City & the Boulder City Airport. From there we fly over Henderson, making our way toward McCarren International Airport. Once there, we head North East toward North Las Vegas. Once over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we witness a race in progress. We finish things off by landing at Nellis Air Force Base.


:thumbup: MJ


The two Spitfire skins used in this video were made by the DCS World 2 community member KIZIR_77 & can be found here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2314691/


The mission used for this video was created by the DCS Team and is the NTTR Cold Start Instant Action mission for the DCS Spitfire, with one modification, the addition of KIZIR_77's Spitfire Skins.

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