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Found UH-1H Controls Indicator - Wrong Layer / Screen


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Neither the Controls Indicator nor the Autopilot Status are showing in VR.  The Controls Indicator is showing in non-VR view along with Crew Status. Trim and Autopilot are working in both VR and non. Game settings per the manual.


***** UPDATE


Found both Controls Indicator and Crew Status in VR. They are on the wrong layer. They show up on the Fly and Quit screens. Autopilot Status screen still AWOL.


Controls Indicator can be toggled on and off in both VR and non.


Only noticed because was flying at night. Can see during the day if know where to look as very faint.


How does this get added to a known bug list for remedy?


Pictures from both day and night A-10C and UH-1H. The Controls Indicator for the UH-1H is in the top left corner (not shown).



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Added pictures for clarification

VR with Oculus Rift preferred flying method.

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Whatever I do, I just can't see the Controls Indicator, at both day and night, the indicator just isn't there in VR.


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