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DCS World, DK2 and Recording from Rift

Johnny Dioxin

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Hi guys,


I use D3DGear for recording in DCS World - and after recent update to it, I got in touch with the developer and he has asked the following:


And do you know how to add DCS World into Oculus Platform? I'm looking into adding support to record Oculus application natively. If I purchase a DK2 development kit, will it be good enough to develop software that eventfully will run on CV1 device?
I have informed him of how easy it is to use Rift in DCS World and how to do it, but I am unsure about DK2.


I'm pretty sure some people are still using it for DCS World, but is it likely to become unsupported in the near future? Also, are there fundamental differences that would mean developing a recording prog on the DK2 wouldn't work on the CV1?


I know - much better off with the CV1, especially as a dev, but he will obviously have his reasons for using a DK2, so we don't need to discuss that ;) It's not a big company we are talking about.


Anyway, I don't need to tell you how great this would be for us who record DCS World for YouTube and the like - the holy grail if we can get recording directly from the Rift, so please try and help if you can!


Thanks :thumbup:


btw - D3DGear is also on Steam these days. I've been using it for years and whilst I know people are always reluctant to actually pay for software if there is a free alternative, this is well worth it, with recording, streaming, screenshots, pic-in-pic recording and benchtesting all in the package. It's rare that I wholeheartedly recommend software, but having tested most of the recording software available, this is easily my favourite and has been for several years. Performance impact is minimal and the file sizes are small, too. :)

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