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just a suggestion about nameplates


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you know when tightly spaced, nameplates and the label dot are worthless. They wouldn't be if for instance instead of the value being the entire proper name of a unit, it was a shorthand on. For instance on an air unit it doesn't say"sukhoi su-27 flanker" it says "su-27". On ground units, the names are extremely long, so put 3 t-72bs and a shillka, like in the valley 1 on that engagement just north of steer 4. for a new player, yikes, mix up the finnick of the maverick,the shillka the aircraft, and trying to see past overlapping names, or paint targets blind with no labels.


a medium is needed, if only for gamesmanship. I searched around a bit, I see the modifications are in no way simple in order to change labels. Each unit should have a short reference ID, no more than 4 characters, if anything it should just display unitclass. Details should be restricted to radar bugs and awacs or visual.


Just my two cents. finally figured out mavericks are useless unless you have LOS and within 3.0 miles with good angle on target. Makes killing labeled up tight packed units with a maverick extremely difficult. It makes popping AAA with your medium to long range weaponry difficult as trying to establish the best point to dope is extremely difficult with the movement of the joy and the TDC.


Sorry for frustrations. Finally beat it coming in from the southeast, able to barely see that little shillka on the TV display and kill it. The contrast is a horror show. Kind of games up the cockpit a bit, a very finicky bird. CCRP seems useless most times. bombs either fail to arm or just miss.


Sorry for the novel.

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